Alpacas Get Funky New Hairdos in Samsung Galaxy Note10 Ad


Samsung recently launched a new ad to promote its Samsung Galaxy Note10. The device was launched and released into the market just last month. To promote the Samsung Galaxy Note10 advice, the brand enlisted the help of some very cute Alpacas. In the ad, we see these cute Alpacas get funky new hairdos.

About the Samsung Galaxy Note10 Ad with Alpacas

The cute and fuzzy campaign was created by creative agency BBH New York. It is a 60-second ad and it is called ‘Alpaca’. It was directed by Nicolai Fuglsig and features the song Apache by the Incredible Bongo Band/Grandmaster Flash remix. In the ad, we see a woman drive past a South American alpaca farm, as she drives by it, she gets an epiphany. We see her use her Samsung Galaxy Note10 and its amazing feature to bring her amazing idea to life. Some of these amazing features include the intelligent S Pen and the Film Studio.

In the ad, we see the woman buy the alpacas and she gives them a makeover. She gives them punkish brightly-coloured mohawks, her looks become an instant viral sensation. We see the alpacas’ style dominate the fashion world and everywhere. We see their style on the streets of Tokyo, to product launches, to late-night talk show appearances, and even making a runway appearance just in time for New York Fashion Week.

According to BBH New York, who is part of One Publicis Team Samsung, the ad conveys the message of ‘Do anything, with the next-level power of Note10.’

BBH New York Speaks about the Campaign

Jonathan Mackler, executive creative director, BBH NY spoke about the campaign. He talked about how they wanted to demonstrate all the seriously high-tech and unique product benefits the Samsung Galaxy Note 10. They wanted to do all this while still offering a fun and memorable ad. According to Mackler, their goal was to bring spontaneity and a sense of humour to brand messaging. This was to help elevate Samsung and separate it from what is traditionally a cold, feature-focused tech world.


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