Africa’s Top 100 Brands Announced


Brand Africa recently announced Africa’s Top 100 brands. The announcement was made at an event at the Johannesburg Stock Exchange, South Africa. To come up with the list of Africa’s Top 100 brands, Bran Africa partnered with Geopoll, Kantar and Brand Leadership., made the announcement at an event attended by industry leaders from across Africa.

Africa's Top 100 Brands Announced

About Brand Africa’s Africa’s Top 100 Brands 2018/2019 List

This the 7th Africa’s Top 100 brands list Bran Africa has released since 2011. Every year they survey and rank the most admired brands spontaneously recalled by African consumers. On this year’s list of Africa’s Top 100 brand’s list Nike, the US sports and fitness brand took the #1 spot. Nike was the #1 was the most spontaneously recalled brand by consumers in Africa. MTN was the #1 African brand that’s spontaneously recalled. Ethiopian brand Anbessa Shoe took the second position while Nigerian conglomerate Dangote took the 3rd position. Dangote was also announced as the most admired African brand, a position it has retained for a while.

Overall on Africa’s Top 100 Brands list, African brands faltered to an all-time low 14% share of the Top 100 most admired brands in Africa. This was very disappointing seeing as Africa’s share of the most admired brands has been rapidly declining over the past 3 years. It has declined from a high of 25% in 2013/4 to lows of 16% in 2015/6, 16% in 2016/7 and 17% in 2017/8. While Africa brands have not fared well on the list, Non-African brands have entrenched their positions in Africa. North American brands mostly dominated the list, followed by European brands and lastly Asian brands.

How Brand Africa Creates its Africa’s Top 100 Brands List

To create this very comprehensive Bran Africa conducts a survey among a representative sample of respondents 18 years and older. The survey is conducted in 25 countries across Africa. It covers all African economic regions, collectively these countries account for an estimated 80% of the continent’s population and 75% of the GDP.

Major Highlights from the Brand Africa 100 List

  • African brands fall by 18% to an all-time low of 14% share of the Top 100 most admired brands in Africa relative to non-African brands.
  • Non-African brands dominate Africa with 86% of the top 100 brands in Africa
  • Nike retains #1 spot as Most Admired Brand in Africa
  • Top African brands are South Africa’s MTN, Ethiopia’s Anbessa Shoe and Nigeria’s Dangote
  • Dangote retains rank as #1 most admired African brand recalled when consumers are prompted for African brands.
  • MTN is the highest listed brand on the JSE among the Top 100 most admired brands in Africa.
  • FILA (+50), Auchan (+40),) and LC Waikiki (+31) made the most gains.
  • Peak Milk(-65) , Victoria’s Secret (-36) and Indomie (-33) lost the most ground.
  • USA’s Vans (#35) made most spectacular entry into the Top 100.
  • Technology brands (18%), consumer (non-cyclical) (16%), Auto Manufactures (11%), automobile (8%), Luxury (10%) and Apparel (8%) categories are the top categories.
  • Southern Africa (7) leads with South African brands (5) leads the tables, West Africa (4) leads with Nigerian brands (4) and East Africa (3) leads with Kenya (1) among brands recalled spontaneously.
  • South Africa (5) and Nigeria (4) lead the seven African countries including Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda, Zambia and Zimbabwe, each with one brand in the Top 100 among brands recalled spontaneously.
  • Southern Africa (10) leads with South Africa (6), East Africa (8) leads with Kenya (4) and West Africa (7) leads with Nigeria (4) among brands recalled when prompted for most admired African brands.

The Brand Africa 100 results are available online at www.brandafrica.

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