AdWeek Interviews: How IKEA Recreated Famous TV Living Rooms, Boosting Traffic to Its Products by 50%


IKEA recently released a campaign called the “Real Life Series”, the campaign was created for the Middle East by Publicis Spain. The campaign recreated the living rooms from iconic TV shows. The TV shows were Friends, The Simpsons and Stranger Things. IKEA and Publicis Spain’s campaign was a huge hit and it exploded on social media worldwide. The campaign boosted traffic to the brand’s products by 50%. AdWeek recently sat with the CCO of Publicis Spain Eduardo Marques. In the interview, he talked about what went into creating the campaign. He also spoke about what the response to the campaign has done for the brand and his agency.

Ads We Love: Ikea Recreates the Living Rooms from 3 Iconic Shows with Its Furniture

On this post, we are going to share snippets from the campaign. To catch the full interview by AdWeek, please click here

Adweek: How did this idea of recreating famous TV living rooms first come about?

Eduardo Marques, chief creative officer, Publicis Spain: Pop culture is something everyone relates to. Advertising competes for every day with what people love to watch, listen, read…there’s new content and entertainment coming out every minute, and we are addicted to it. Advertising needs to stop interrupting people and start becoming as fun and cool as what the entertainment world offers. Brands don’t need only buyers. First, they need fans. We need to jump more into pop culture and be part of what people love. I believe this is what the “Ikea Real-Life Series” campaign does.

Were there other TV shows you had considered but ended up not attempting? If so, what made those not work?

Eduardo Marques, chief creative officer, Publicis Spain: We had a list of 60 TV shows, so narrowing down to three was a tough decision to make. Our criteria were “scale”— how well known the show is—an “iconic visual”—how easy is for the audience to recognize the rooms.

We still have more to do, not just because this campaign brings us endless possibilities, but also because people are asking for it. The success of this campaign is beyond what we expected, so a lot of cool inquiries are coming from social media, and we’ll make that happen for them. Don’t you want to see more of it?

To catch the full interview by AdWeek, click here


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