Ads We Love: The Passage, Fox’s New Vampire TV Show Erupts in Flames When the Sun Rises


As anyone who is very familiar with vampire myths and stories knows that vampires are very vulnerable to sunshine. From almost every vampire story, TV show, movie or book (except Twilight), we know that vampires erupt in flames when they come in contact with sunshine. Fox decided to steal a page out of vampire myths to promote its latest TV shows about vampires. The TV show is called The Passage and the posters promoting the TV show turns to ash when it comes in contact with sunshine.

Ads We Love: The Passage, Fox’s New Vampire TV Show Erupts in Flames When the Sun Rises

About the Passage TV Show Posters

To create this brilliant poster for the Passage TV show, Fox worked with agency BETC/Havas. They both created the posters which go up in flames when exposed to sunlight just like the vampires in the posters. They distributed posters for the Passage TV show on the Brazilian streets of São Paulo. The posters were created with a coat of flammable paint which is made with potassium permanganate and sulfuric acid.

At night, the faces of vampires stare at passersby blankly and with a menacing look. But in the morning when the sunrise, they spontaneously burst out in flames with a streak of fire. On each of the poster, there’s a Portuguese text that says “Ele não vai sobreviver ao amanhecer. This means “He will not survive the dawn.” The Passage posters are enclosed in glass boxes to protect the surrounding area.

Video of The Vampire Poster

BETC/Havas Speak on the Passage TV Show Posters

The Executive creative director at BETC/ Havas Andrea Siqueria spoke about the posters. He stated that the vampire posters combined storytelling with the innovative use of tech in outdoor media. He explained that the poster isn’t simply positioned outdoors but it actually used the outdoor environment to spread its message.

About The Passage TV Show

It is an American thriller television series based on the trilogy of novels. It spans years in the life of Amy Bellafonte, as she moves from being manipulated in a government conspiracy to protecting humankind in a dystopian vampire future.


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