Ads We Love: Teleflora’s Mother’s Day Ad Reminds us why the Bond We Share With Our Mothers are So Special


We all love our mothers, the bond we share with them is one of a kind and something that can’t be easily replicated. In Teleflora’s latest Mother’s Day campaign, they remind us why the bond is one of a kind and why it is so special. The campaign which is called “Love Like a Mother” shows us how awkward it would be if strangers acted like mothers. Making it obvious how special bonds with mothers are.

About the “ Love Like a Mother” Ad

Teleflora’s “Love Like a Mother” Mother’s day campaign was created to announce and promote its new Mother’s Day bouquet collection. Teleflora’s Mother’s campaign was created by The Wonderful Company’s in-house creative team. The ad was directed by director Jamie McClelland.  It is an extension of the flower delivery services “Love Out Loud” campaign. Teleflora’s spot sees strangers act like mothers. We see different and humorous scenarios where these strangers try to act like mums. These scenarios range from everyday activities to major milestones. We see these strangers jump in and have intensely endearing reactions to the situations, just like a mum would.

In one scene we see a fellow job candidate grooming and encouraging a grown man before he goes in for an interview. In another we see a woman lean over to the person sitting next to her with a hanky. She tells the person to blow her nose just like a mom will. We also see the police detectives talking to a suspect like a disappointed woman and a server trying to feed an adult man chicken nugget. Teleflora’s delivery person isn’t saved from the peculiar behaviour, as we see a lady wiping the dirt off her face. The spot shows us that these actions are endearing from our mothers but isn’t from strangers.

Video of Like a Mother Teleflora

 Teleflora and the Wonderful Agency Speak on the Campaign

Danielle Mason the vice president of consumer marketing at Telefora spoke about the Mother’s Day campaign. She stated that the level of authenticity and vulnerability we experience with our Moms are unmatched. She talked about how our moms.  Mason stated that this Mother’s Day, the brand hopes consumers love out loud. She encourages us to express the unique feelings we share with our moms in ways that make her feel truly special.

Amber Justis the executive creative director of Wonderful Agency also spoke about the campaign. She talked about how mothers are willing to do and say anything to support their kids. She then talked about how nothing better exemplifies the uniquely unconditional quality of a mom’s love than watching other people try to love like a mother.


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