Ads We Love: Paralympic Fencer Beatrice Vio Stars in Nike’s New Campaign


Nike Italy recently launched a new campaign titled “Stop at nothing”. The new campaign stars Paralympic Fencer Beatrice Vio. For the campaign, Nike Italy released an impressive and very inspiring spot which stars the equally inspiring and impressive Paralympic Fencer Beatrice Vio. The spot and campaign was created with Nike’s creative agency W+K London. The spot was directed by the creative genius Georgia Hudson. The whole campaign aims to inspire people to “Stop at Nothing” to get to their goals and boy! did they make the perfect choice with Beatrice Vio as the face of the campaign.

Ads We Love: Paralympic Fencer Beatrice Vio Stars in Nike’s New Campaign

About Beatrice Vio

Beatrice Vio is an Italian Paralympic fencer, she was born in Venice on the 4th of March 1977.  From the age of five, Beatrice Vio perused her passion for fencing. In 2008, she contracted an illness which was first thought to be a common flu. It later turned out to be severe meningitis, the illness led to necrosis. The Necrosis led to the amputation of both of her legs from the knee. It also led to the amputation of both of her arms from the forearms. Beatrice Vio underwent rehabilitation for more than 3 months, after which she continued to pursue her passion for fencing. She has won several medals, she is the 2014 and 2015 European fencing champion. She is also the 2015 and 2017 World fencing Champion and the 2016 Paralympic champion in the foil B Category.

About the Beatrice Vio and Nike Italy “Stop at Nothing” Spot

Like it said earlier, the spot features Beatrice Vio, she also provides the voice over for the campaign. In the opening of the spot she says “They said it was crazy… But if you stop at nothing, even a crazy dream is possible”. The spot then cuts to a visually inspiring and impressive series of athletic performances of all types. The series of athletic performance runs in rapid cycles and flows in fascinating transitions. The Stop at Nothing spot ends with Beatrice Vio typing “Stop at Nothing”, Nike’s famous tagline “Just Do It” follows in its footsteps.

It is a visually impressive spot, it was shot so beautifully. All the shots come together to deliver a very fierce and inspiring spot. She is the perfect voice for the campaign, she is just as inspiring as the campaign aims to be. The “Stop at Nothing” follows the Dream Crazy campaign which featured Colin Kaepernick. The campaign was also created by Wieden +Kennedy and they both peruse similar themes.

Video of Nike- Stop at Nothing

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