Ads We Love: Nike Kids Uses “You’re It” as a Powerful Rallying Cry in New High Energy Ad


Nike Kids recently released a new spot called “You’re It”. This is the first ad from Wieden + Kennedy Amsterdam for the brand. The is spot is a high energy spot and Nike Kids uses “You’re It” from the popular kids game Tag as a powerful rallying cry for kids.

About Nike Kids’ “You’re It” Ad

Nike Kid’s “You’re It” ad is a very adrenaline pumping, visual fluid and high-velocity ad. We see different girls from different sporting backgrounds play a face pace, high-energy and multilingual game of tag. The powerful game of tag spans across the globe and we see the girls embrace their power and potential at activities ranging from tennis and soccer to skateboarding and dance.

The spot starts with a young British girl naming herself ‘It’ and blowing open the door of her house with her energy. As she runs down the road, she tags a skateboarder in France, who then tags an apprehensive high-board diver. The diver is suddenly splashed with electrifying water which gives her the confidence she needs.  The whole ad features different athletes from different sports like dancing, yoga, tennis, soccer and boxing. They are all from have accents, ethnicities and abilities.

The spot is augmented by mind-blowing cartoon animation, adding to the video game-like energy of the high powered game of tag. The spot ends with a girl flying through the air, telling the viewers “and you’re it too”.

More on Nike Kids’ “You’re It” Ad

Speaking on the Nike Kids’ ad, Wieden+Kennedy said the campaign is ultimately about “creating a powerful sisterhood that’s fueled by the movement”. The campaign has been made to promote the Nike Move initiative. The Nike Move initiative encourages activity among girls as a collective with the philosophy ‘The more we all move, the greater the power’.

Nike Kids’s “You’re It” spot will be supported on digital with custom-made ‘Don’t Skip’ clips. It will also be supported with a choose-your-own-adventure game on YouTube. The brand has also created a digital game of tag, the game is created for young users on Instagram, Snapchat and TikTok.


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