Ads We Love: Meet the Hulu Sellouts Who Are Here to Remind You that Hulu Has Live Sports


Hulu recently launched a new campaign titled “Hulu Sellouts”, the campaign stars NBA’s biggest stars Damian Lillard and Joel Embiid. The campaign was created in partnership with Big Family Table, an IPG owned agency. The Hulu Sellouts features the NBA stars blatantly showing their love for sponsorship money. It celebrates the Hulu sellouts who the brand paid to remind people that Hulu has live sports. The campaign features three 30 second spots, two of which were released during the All-Star Game. The third Hulu Sellouts campaign will feature the All-Star Game team captain Giannis Antetokounmpo. The campaign will include 4 national TV spots that will run through June, featuring athletes from varying professional sports.  Hulu also plans to promote the campaign with billboards, online banners and social media.

Ads We Love: Meet the Hulu Sellouts Who Are Here to Remind You that Hulu Has Live Sports

About the Hulu Sellouts Spots

Damian Lillard’s Spot

The first Hulu Sellouts Spot features Portland NBA star, Damian Lillard. In the spot we see Lillard sitting in a tattoo parlour, preparing to get a new tattoo. He wants the tattoo to read “Hulu has live sports.” The creative artist asks the NBA star several times if he can change the style of the tattoo. He asks if he can change the font, the style or if he can make the words come out of a dragon’s mouth. Every time he asks, his ideas are rejected by Lillard’s lawyers. Curiously the tattoo artist asks how much he is being paid to get this tattoo. The shot then jumps to Lillard on a set where money is seen to be raining down on him. He then says “Hulu has live sports.”

Video of Damian Lillard’s Hulu Sellout

Joel Embiid’s Spot

The second spot features 76er NBA star Joel Embiid, in the spot he is seen to be signing a basketball for a fan. His signature reads “Joel ‘Hulu has live sports’ Embiid,” the fan then says that he thought that his nickname was “the process.” He then replies not any more, he then tells another fan that he has legally changed his name to Joel ‘Hulu has live sports’ Embiid.” When a little boy asked why he has changed his nickname, he replies Money. The Shot then jumps to him on a set saying “Hulu has live sports,” as money is thrown in a briefcase close to him every time he says it. Hulu plans to launch the third spot which will feature Giannis Antetokounmpo later in the year.

Video of Joel Embiid Hulu Sellout


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