Ads We Love: Hobby Lobby Releases Tear-Jerking Christmas Spot


Hobby Lobby recently released its Christmas Holiday spot and it is a tear-jerking one so go grab a box of tissues. The home supplies store flips a common Holiday plotline to deliver a very emotional and touching spot. It is common to see in other holiday campaigns, parents slaving around to get their kids the perfect Christmas happy. Case in point, Macy’s latest Christmas ad, where we see the parents of a little girl who really wants to be Santa Claus transform their truck into a sleigh. She uses the sleigh to deliver gifts to other kids. As sweet and thoughtful sentiment is, Hobby Lobby flipped the story to show how thoughtful and sentimental kids can be in their latest Christmas spot.

Ads We Love: Hobby Lobby Releases Tear-Jerking Christmas Spot

About the Hobby Lobby Christmas

The spot is titled “Christmas is Whatever You Make It” and it was created by creative agency The Richard Group. It starts with a single mother cleaning up after her teenage son who is sleeping on the couch. She cleans up after him before she goes into work. After she goes to work, he wakes up and fixes himself some breakfast by pouring himself some cereal. As he enjoys his cereal, he looks around the living room. He notices how bare it looks and how it lacks Christmas cheer especially the Christmas tree which sits in the corner with no decorations.

The teenage boy gets an epiphany and decides to sell some of his possessions to get some cash. With the cash, he heads to Hobby Lobby and purchases some decorations to spruce the place up before his mom gets home. He goes one step further with his surprise by folding his laundry and sticking a bow on top. His mother gets home to see the thoughtful gesture and as you guessed she is very touched and really close to tears (like the viewers).

The Richard Group Speaks on the Spot

The Richard Group spoke about the spot and according to them, it builds on “the momentum of, and favourable response to, last year’s Christmas commercials.” Hobby Lobby’s last Christmas spot and this latest spot both took similar approaches. One featured a young girl crafting a blanket for a shorn sheep, while a second showed a lonely grandfather receiving a handmade gift from his grandchildren.


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