Ads We Love: Glad Runs ‘Torture Tests’ its Garbage Bags


Garbage bag brand Glad recently launched a campaign called ‘Torture Tests’ campaign. The campaign was created to answer some of the fear households can have when dealing with trash. With the campaign, Glad was trying to prove that its garbage can stand the test time and is the best out there. The brand went to extreme levels to prove it but the ads created were both reassuring and entertaining.

Ads We Love: Glad Runs 'Torture Tests' its Garbage Bags

About Glad’s Torture Test Campaign

With Glad’s Tortue Test campaign, the brand proves that its garbage bags could stand up to extreme leaks and bad odours. To prove this the brand released two very dramatic and extreme spots. The spots are a continuation of the brand’s  ‘Torture Tests’ campaign. To create the campaign worked with the creative agency FCB to run the torture test on its product.

The torture test involved two tests, ‘Apartment Leap’ and ‘Ultimate Noses’. In ‘Apartment Leap’, one of its garbage bags is tested to see if it can pass one of the toughest tests. The test involves putting the trash bad through a very rough and extreme stunt to see if it would leak and still hold its materials. They featured a Hollywood stunt woman who used the garbage to carry out a very daring stunt. As you guessed Glad’s garbage passed the test and held its materials without a single leak.

The second test which is called Ultimate Nose used elite sniffer dogs. They asked the elite sniffer dogs to try to figure out the contents of a Glad bag against competitors. Naturally, the canines fail to dissect the Glad bag.


More Details About Glad’s Torture Test Campaign

The brand believes its torture tests continue to show the products being pushed to the limit and proves that their products are superior. They believe their stunts allow them to better connect with their consumers. A press release from brand said that the company’s focus on showing these products in familiar, relatable situations, stands out from competitors who instead try to elicit emotions in viewers.


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