Ads we Love: Budweiser Invokes the Spirit of Queen Elizabeth I to Support the English Lionesses


Budweiser latest campaign to support the English Lionesses as they compete at the Women’s World Cup takes its inspiration from history. Their campaign invokes the spirit of Queen Elizabeth I, as they support the England Women’s senior football team.

Ads we Love: Budweiser Invokes the Spirit of Queen Elizabeth I to Support the English Lionesses

About Budweiser’s New Ad for the English Lionesses

Budweiser throw its support for English Lionesses by taking inspiration from Queen Elizabeth I’s famous ‘Heart and Stomach of a King.’ Budweiser is the English Lionesses official partner and they are calling on fans of the team and brand to lend their support to the English Lionesses. They are bringing the power of history to bear in a chest-thumping display of national pride to fire up passions for the 2019 Fifa Women’s World Cup. Queen Elizabeth I’s speech is one of the most inspiring, powerful and iconic speeches in British history.

Budweiser brings the speech to life and invokes the same powerful and inspiring spirit with its impressive lineup of contemporary powerful English women. These women hail from the worlds of sports, music and film. These women include Bond actress Naomie Harris; boxer Nicola Adams and singer-songwriter Jessie Ware. We see these women read Queen Elizabeth I’s iconic speech while rallying the nation to throw their support behind the team.

Video of Budweiser | Lionesses | Heart of a King

Budweiser Speaks on the Campaign and the English Lionesses

Tatiana Stadukhina, marketing director at Budweiser spoke about the team and the campaign. She spoke about how as an official partner to the team, they wanted to honour the incredible women who make up the Lionesses. They also wanted to play their small part in shining a light on them as they take centre-stage at the 2019 Fifa Women’s World Cup. She also talked about how the powerful words which were originally spoken by a powerful woman being delivered by powerful women today, is a fitting send-off and one they hope will rally the nation.

Budweiser is very invested in English football with Bud Light being the official partner of the senior men’s team with the Budweiser brand also serving as the official beer of Wembley Stadium


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