Ads We Love: Budweiser Celebrates Dads Who Have ‘Stepped Up’ with Father’s Day campaign


Father’s Day is right around the corner and this year Budweiser is celebrating dads who have stepped up. As many know being a stepfather can be very difficult, especially since the children are not always welcoming to the new fathers. Budweiser is aware of this and has decided to celebrate these fathers who took up the challenge and became a true dad and role model to the kids.

Ads We Love: Budweiser Celebrates Dads Who Have ‘Stepped Up’ with Father’s Day campaign

Budweiser Celebrates Dads Who Have Stepped Up this Father’s Day

To celebrate these fathers who have stepped up this father’s day, the beer brand has released a very emotional short film. The tear-jerking short film tells the stories of three real-life “blended” families. The kids in these families talk about their stepfathers, they talk about how much they appreciate and adore them. They then surprise their dads by asking them to officially remove the “step” from their titles by adopting them.

In the Budweiser father’s day short film we meet Victor and his stepdad Mark. He tells also about meeting his stepdad in middle school and how difficult it was accepting him especially as a new authority figure. Victor takes us through the journey he went through, to finally accept Mark as his dad and friend.

We also meet Chloe, who tells about how she was used to living with just her mum. Till she met her stepdad Randall at the age of 9. The story is similar, she also tried to push him away. But he kept on trying until she eventually accepted him as her father. Finally, we meet Shealyn who met her stepdad at six. Just like the other kids, she didn’t accept him at first but she eventually did and he became her father.

As the short film is about to come to an end, we watch the emotional and tear-jerking moment each child ask their fathers to officially adopt them. To remove the “step” from their titles, to become their father’s legally.

Video of Budweiser | For The Fathers Who Stepped Up

Budweiser Speaks About the Father’s Day Campaign

Monica Rustgi the vice president of marketing for Budweiser spoke about the campaign. She stated that on the day when the world celebrates fathers. They want to shine an unexpected light on fatherhood. That’s why this Father’s Day, Budweiser is toasting stepfathers who love their stepchildren like their own.

Apart from the short film, the beer brand is also inviting fans to tell their stories of a father who stepped up. For every comment on social media, they will donate $1 to the Stepfamily Foundation. It is  a nonprofit that supports blended families.


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