Ads We Love: Arnold Schwarzenegger Stars in Veloz Latest Parody Ad for Electric Cars


Veloz the non-profit group that’s dedicated to increasing electric car sales recently launched a new campaign called ‘Kicking Gas.’ The ad which mimics a hidden camera show and parody stars action star, Arnold Schwarzenegger. In the ad we see Arnold Schwarzenegger go undercover to convince people to buy gas cars (ironically). The campaign was created be agency Superconductor and was produced by Oak Productions and Bullitt. The spot was directed by Emmy-Award winning Josh Greenbaum and is a three-minute long spot which is centred on the ‘Kicking Gas’ theme.

Ads We Love: Arnold Schwarzenegger Stars in Veloz Latest Parody Ad for Electric Cars

About the Kicking Gas Spot with Arnold Schwarzenegger

In the spot which mimics a hidden camera show, Arnold Schwarzenegger goes undercover as a colourful cars salesman. He is named Howard Kleiner and he is on a mission to sell gas cars to people who want to buy electric cars. The ad starts with his character Howard Kleiner talking to the customers through a public address system. He thanks them all for choosing “muscle cars that use gasoline.” After which he sets out in his disguise which is a Hawaiian shirt, baseball cap, black wig and fake moustache.  Schwarzenegger tries to talk them out of buying eccentric cars. With one couple, he gets an exhaust more satisfying than sex.” He gives another customer a bumper sticker which says ‘carpool lanes are for sissies.’

Despite being the “employee of the month,” he is unable to convince anyone to buy a gas car. He annoys some of the customers so much that they ask for his supervisor.  He comes back in the new disguise saying he is the supervisor. The ad is funny and is very reminiscent of a Punk’d episode. None of the customers seems to even catch onto the ruse, despite the fact he uses his trademark accent and throws in his trademark catchphrase (I’ll be back)

More Details about the Kicking Gas Ad with Arnold Schwarzenegger

The spot was created as part of a larger public awareness effort for Veloz called “Electric for All,” from a creative agency headed by an advertising veteran and a group of Hollywood film and TV producer-directors. Some of the producers and directors include The Russo Brothers (Avengers: Endgame, Captain America: Civil War) and Justin Lin (The Fast and the Furious, True Detective).

The Electric for All is a public awareness campaign which unites car manufacturers, utilities, clean air advocates, government and other stakeholders. It is an alliance of unlikely partners, using humour, not fury or fear, to engage consumers. Apart from the spot, they will be shorter cut-downs, out of home, social and display ads.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Speaks on the Spot

He talked about how for more than 16 years he has been trying to prove that people can have the car they love and the clean air they need. The actor and former governor talked about how he greened his fleet of personal cars and that includes his hummers. He then challenged the auto industry to do the same. He talked about how they now have electric vehicle technology to outcompete gas-powered cars.


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