Ads We Love: Apple’s Underdog Ad Shows Off Apple Products at Work


Apple recently launched a new ad called The Underdog, the ad features a team working together for a project. The ad was created to show the benefits of using Apple devices at work. Apple’s Underdog ad demonstrates the usefulness of Apple devices and software in the workplace. The spot was produced by Smuggler and directed by Mark Molloy, who helmed Tile’s “Lost Panda” and Sheraton’s “The Deep”, both in 2017.

Ads We Love: Apple's Underdog Ad Shows Off Apple Products at Work

About Apple’s Underdog Ad

The ad is about 3 minutes long and starts with a woman walking off an elevator. The woman is seen to have coffee stains running down her blouse. She approaches her team to give them incredible news about how she scored them a meeting with the famous Vivienne the head honcho. The meeting gives the team the perfect opportunity to pitch their idea of a circle shaped pizza box to her. The only problem is that they have about two days to come up with the pitch. In Apple’s Underdog Ad we see the team use a series of Apple hardware and software to bring the idea to life. You can see Apples different devices, some of them include iPhone, iPad Pro, MacBook Pro, iMac, Siri, Apple Pencil AirDrop, FaceTime, Microsoft Excel and KeyNote.

Apple’s Underdog ad ends with the team standing in the office elevator with great confidence that they will sell the idea. Apple’s Underdog ad is very funny and very reminiscent of a sitcom. It’s reminiscent of TV sitcoms like The Office or Silicon Valley. It has a common sitcom like tropes which add an extra layer of humour or comedic style. The Apple Underdog ad is a departure from the brand’s usual style.

Video of The Underdogs by Apple

Easter Eggs in Apple’s Underdog Ad

If you are a Superfan then you probably noticed a few Easter Eggs. The Easter Eggs were very amusing. The most notable Easter Egg is that we can see that the prototype the team is trying bring to reality. The circular pizza box is already patented and in use by Apple.  The circular pizza boxes are the boxes used by Apple’s Caffé Macs cafeterias.


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