Ads We Love: Apple’s Tear-Jerking Holiday Ad Uses an iPad to Bring a Family Together


Apple recently released its holiday ad for its iPad, the spot is a tear-jerker and tells the tale of how the device can bring a family together especially during a sad and difficult time. This Apple spot is very real and skips past through the glossy and perfect Christmas moments. Instead, it tells a very real and relatable story of grief. With this holiday spot, the brand deviates dramatically from it’s animated “Share Your Gifts” spot from last year.

Ads We Love: Apple’s Tear-Jerking Holiday Ad Uses an iPad to Bring a Family Together

This holiday spot is titled “The Surprise” and it tells the story of a family, as they cope with their first holiday without their wife, mother and grandma. The spot is very heartwarming and tear-jerking.

 Details about Apple’s Holiday Spot for Its iPad

The holiday spot puts the tech company’s iPad as the centre of the spot. The spot is called “The Surprise” and it was created with longtime Apple partner TBWA\Media Arts Lab. It was directed by Mark Molloy, who was also behind Apple’s comedic coworker caper “The Underdogs” earlier this year. Molloy also directed 2018’s “Homework”  for Apple. The ad was also centred on a group of young people and their creative use of an iPad. The spot is 3 minutes long.

About the Spot

The tear-jerking spot tackles some key and heavy themes that most holiday ads will tend to avoid. It tackles loss and grief; it even shows the reality of what travelling with kids can be. In the spot, we see how an iPad which was initially used as a convenient distraction can be used to bring a family together.

The spot follows a family of four making a long road trip to see the mother’s father. The two daughters are seen to be constantly bickering throughout the trip. We see the parents constantly use the iPad to distract or appease the kids as they concentrate on the trip or helping the grandpa who just lost his wife.

On Christmas morning, the girls reveal what they have really been doing on the iPad: creating a digital scrapbook telling the story of their grandpa’s life with his late wife. A clip of the last time grandma was captured on camera coupled with the thoughtful sentiment of the gift brings all the adults and the viewers to tears.


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