Ads we like: Joe Pesci Stars in Another Google Home Alone Spot


Last year Google released a Home Alone themed Christmas ad, the spot featured Macaulay Culkin. Culkin reprised his iconic role as Ken McCallister in the Google Home Alone spot. The spot was a huge hit about fans, it created a lovely sense of nostalgia and was very funny. Google decided to capitalize on the Home Alone themed spot, by casting Joe Pesci to star in the new Google assistant spot. The new spot was a sequel to the Culkin Christmas spot and Joe Pesci starred in the new spot. The Joe Pesci spot was a Google Assistant Super bowl spot.

Ads we like: Joe Pesci Stars in Another Google Home Alone Spot

About the Joe Pesci Google Assitant Spot

The spot is titled Joe Pesci “Watches Home Alone Again”. The spot sees Joe Pesci and his friends the watching Macaulay Culkin’s Google Assistant spot. They are all laughing and enjoying the spot, towards the end Pesci shouts to his friends “Here’s my big part, watch”. His big part is when the Home Alone burglars Harry and Marv drive off from the Mccallister house. He then goes to say that he nailed the part. At the end of the ad, a big twist is revealed, it is revealed that he and his friends are watching the spot in someone else’s house. At the end of the spot, he suggests that they should leave before somebody sees them.

 The big twist at the end of the spot makes the spot so hilarious. Just like the first Google Assistant Home Alone themed spot, this spot also has a nostalgic feel to it. Seeing Joe Pesci on screen again gives the spot its nostalgic feel.  The nostalgic feeling is especially strong because we haven’t seen him on a TV screen for almost 9 years. The last time we saw him on TV or in a Movie was in 2010 when he starred in Love Ranch.

About the First Home Alone Themed Google Assistant Spot

The spot starred Macaulay Culkin, he reprised his role as Kevin Mccallister. The spot paid homage to the original film in a lot of ways. It features a lot of Easter eggs for Home Alone fans. For example, the spot revealed that Kevin Mccallister is no longer traumatized by aftershave. The spot was very delightful, it also had a strong nostalgic feel to it.

You can see more of the first Google Assistant Home Alone themed spot here. What do you think about the first and new spot?


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