Ads We Like: Hennessey’s “The Seven Worlds” By Riddley Scott


Hennessy recently released a short film during the Grammy Awards, the short film was directed by Riddley Scott. The short filmed which is titled “The Seven Worlds” is a visual masterpiece. The Hennessy short film is very reminiscent of Riddley Scott’s sci-fi films. “The Seven Worlds” Hennessey short film is a four-minute film and is from the agency DDB Paris. The short film aspires to bring to life the seven flavour notes that are found in Hennessy X.O. 

Ads We Like: Hennessey’s “The Seven Worlds” By Riddley Scott

About Riddley Scott

Riddley Scott is an English director and producer, he is known for directing some iconic sci-films. Some of the notable films he directed include Alien, Blade Runner, Gladiator and The Martian. He is a 3 time Academy Award nominee and a Tony and BAFTA award winner. Riddley Scott has also directed some iconic commercials like Apples 1986’s Super Bowl spot. He took a 15 year break from advertising and has returned to create this epic short film for Hennessy.

About the Hennessy “The Seven World” Short Film

The Hennessy “The Seven World Short” Film brings to life the seven flavour notes present in Hennessy X.O. In the short film, each of the seven flavours is represented as its own alien world or race. They each stand in clear contrast from the other flavours or alien worlds. The short film is a wonderful visual motif, each Alien world is beautiful, unique and hypnotic in its own way.  Fans of Riddley Scott will be easily able to recognize his work in this spot. Some visual motifs are very similar to his work. The short film is so captivating and interesting because it doesn’t work to tell a narrative. It simply tries to represent each flavour as a unique sensation or experience.

Video of Hennessy’s The Seven Worlds

Riddley Scott Speaks on the Hennessy “The Seven Worlds” Short Film

Riddley Scott stated that he was attracted to the project because he was inspired by the potential for art and entertainment. He explained that he was excited to bring to life the story. He also sang the brand’s praises saying that the brand has an amazing product. Riddley explained that he was lucky to interpret how amazing the product.

The Seven Tasting Notes Featured in “The Seven Worlds” Short Film

Here are the seven tasting notes featured in the short film:

  • Sweet Notes
  • Rising Heat
  • Spicy Edge
  • Flowing Flame
  • Chocolate Lull
  • Wood Crunches
  • Infinite Echo


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