Ad Review: Stay Fresh Ad By Delta Soap


Welcome to Sekere’s Podcast, On this episode, the Sekere Team and our guests will be sharing their opinions on Delta Soap’s latest Ad, the Stay Fresh Ad.


Christiana: Welcome to Sekere News Podcast. My name is Christiana and I’m your host for today. The guest with me here today are Semira a Content developer at a Communications firm, Tolu a customer service officer at a media firm.

Christiana: Today we are going to be reviewing the Stay Fresh ad from Delta soap. The ad was launched during the Big Brother Niaja Double Wahala reunion show that happened very recently.

Christiana: The as was actually called a music video and the ad had a very catchy song or should I say a jingle. It featured old and new Big Brother naija stars and other celebrities like Busola, Tobi, Cece and Denola Grey starred in the ad.

Christiana: If you haven’t watched the ad, please visit Sekere News, type in Stay Fresh ad by Delta to watch it. So let’s hear from our guests to find out what you they think about the ad…Tolu

Tolu:  Thanks for having me on your show Christiana.

Christiana: You are welcome

Tolu: Okay… of course the Ad had its pros and cons but I will start with the pros.

Tolu: First…the song is quite catchy and easy to recall beautiful, dancy, vibey… the theme song is like a jingle. So it helps when listening over the radio.

Tolu: I also suspect it’s an ad thats is going to be fused into Big Brother’s campaign… the exposure would be massive then for the cons…

Tolu: I think the product was only shown at the very end of the one-minute video if there was a chance I watched it for just 15 seconds. I would probably have missed out on the product.

Tolu: Yes…It was all youthful and fun, but it would have been better if they held the product and would have been in our faces.

Tolu: Product and branding is very important, which I feel is lacking in the video.

Tolu: Yes… its fun to look at and to listen to but there was little or no call to action. It might be old-fashioned but would have been better if someone was using the products in video.

Tolu:  How they will infuse it creatively is left to them. The message is not too clear. If I use Delta am I going to be jumping and dancing around…You wouldn’t know they are advertising a soap if you don’t watch it to the very end.

Tolu:  So I think it can be better but that’s my take on the advertisement of Delta soap. Christiana: Thank you Semira.

Semira: Thank you for having me on the show. So I’ll be honest. I absolutely love ad… Tolu mentioned that there wasn’t a lot of like branding and then you know, the soap was only shown at the end.

Semira: But still I think it is very catchy. I’m singing the song and I’m like… okay…maybe I should actually buy the soap because it’s just so amazing and then okay…

Semira: And so my only problem with the ad would be… I feel like Delta soap, they actually need to do a rebrand because I don’t like the packaging of the soap at all.

Semira:  When I see it…I feel like it’s not a very high-end product and then for you to spend so much on an ad with so many celebrity endorsements. I think I feel like that would be the ideal time to do a brand relaunch and a lot of people would have been like…okay… maybe there’s more to the soap…but aside from that I really liked…

Semira: Like Tolu mentioned, you don’t really know what the messaging is about. Is that when you use the soap you start to dance… for me…. Throughout the whole ad what I could see that was consistent… Was that everyone that was in the ad had really clear skin and they were really glowing…and I was like…okay… this soap is doing something here.

Semira: So yes, I’m telling you from the ad. I feel like I should actually buy the soap, right? So yes, I feel like yeah, what’s a really good ad and song is absolutely catchy and I couldn’t stop…every time I see the ad, I just can’t stop watching and I keep smiling to myself like because this is a really good ad.

Semira: Yes, you mentioned that you know, that maybe there should have been someone using the soap but it’s necessarily because I feel like you don’t always have to spell out your message and what you’re trying to sell. It is more about capturing the target audience attention and then, you know at the end you can see this is why you’re actually watching this full episode to get the product at the end…so for me, I feel like it was good all in all…any objections… I feel like they need a rebrand for their product because the product packaging isn’t that great.

Christiana:  Okay, I really like the ad…for me…I thought it was very bright, colourful youthful, fresh and vibrant.

Christiana: That’s what I thought about the ad…the song was very catchy, it sounded like a regular song that you will hear anywhere at any time and something you can probably dance to if you are alone.

Christiana: I liked the messaging and as Tolu said messaging wasn’t very clear but I liked the way they portrayed the message, they infused it into the song. They’ll say ermm…They were like ermmm…

Semira: *Sings* Delta-a- Delta-a

Christiana: Yes Delta-a…. I liked the messaging the way the infused it, how you feel fly, you feel fresh, to stay fresh everyday… so it wasn’t clear using the video but from  singing the song because the song is very catchy…so  if I’m singing this song now, I remember… so the brand recall from the song alone was actually very good.

Christiana:  Then I liked that the products are… actually unlike Tolu…. I really like the fact that the product was not in your face, so it doesn’t seem like I’m watching an ad… it seems like maybe I’m watching a music video.., they put a music video… That’s how they describe it. So it’s like I was watching a regular music video.

Christiana: So I like the fact that the product actually came at the end and I agree with Semira that they may need a rebrand.

Christiana: Because when we think about the ad and Delta’s brand image, they don’t go hand in hand. They should actually do that. So what else…

Christiana: I like that wasn’t I wasn’t forced to see the product like I had already said so it was very good… the endorsements were very good…the people who did picked… they had very clear skin… so for calling to action… It wasn’t like oh!…go and buy Delta today but from the faces and people who you see…you are already convinced… Denola Grey was really sparkly in that.

Christiana: So it was good… It was a very good ad… if I should rate it. I think I’ll give it a seven and a half over 10…Tolu…

Tolu: I’ll give it a 6.5 over 10

Christiana: Semira.

Semira: All right, so I’ll give it an 8 because it is almost making want to buy the product…so… yes, it was a good ad.

Christiana: Wow! Alright…if agree our review…please… or if you don’t agree, if you have any comments, anything to say about it? Please leave a comment below the comment section.

Christiana: Thank you so Semira, Thank you Tolu for coming in and thank you to our listeners for listening to our review. Thank you.


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