Accessibility Mat: Ford Creates Car Mat that Doubles as a Wheelchair Ramp


Ford has partnered with the Gtb agency to create a car mat called the accessibility mat. The mat doubles as a wheelchair ramp. The accessibility mat was created by Ford’s Brazilian arm (Ford Brazil).

Accessibility Mat: Ford Creates Car Mat that Doubles as a Wheelchair Ramp
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All About the Accessibility Mat

The accessibility mat is a car mat that doubles as a wheelchair ramp. It was created to make the lives of drivers or rides with mobility disabilities easier. The idea of the accessibility mat came after Ford Brazil and GTB did some research in Brazil. The found out that people with mobility disabilities in Brazil have very limited mobility. This is due to a lack of access ramps in the country’s streets. GTB, Code Studio and Ford Brazil came together to redesign the trunk liner of the Ecosport compact SUV. The trunk liner was remade into a portable ramp.

The accessibility mat is of lightweight material and when not in use, it fits easily onto the back of the wheelchair. The mat has sensors and a microprocessor that sends Bluetooth signals to the wheelchair user’s mobile phone every time it is used. The signal and data that are sent to the users mobile phone are gathered by a website, the website then points out the places in need of accessibility. The data then goes to local officials to inform them where there’s a pressing need for accessibility options as well as to other mat users, in order to give them a heads up on where mobility obstacles will arise.

The accessibility mat is currently in its prototype stage. This is not the first time GTB and Ford Brazil will collaborate to develop safety devices. They collaborated previously to create trucker hats that prevent truck drivers from falling asleep while driving. GTB stated that they hope the accessibility mats can provide further accessibility to disabled drivers, they also hope it makes cities easier to navigate.

Accessibility Mat: Ford Creates Car Mat that Doubles as a Wheelchair Ramp

All About the Creative Agency GTB

GTB offers advertising services, it was founded in 2007. The company provides print, television, online, direct, and event advertising services. They also provide strategic communications planning, media buying, and packaging services. Its clientele includes Bosch, Shell Oil Company, Warrior Sports and Ford Motor Company.


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