Accenture Interactive to Acquire Droga5


Accenture Interactive recently announced that it will be acquiring the creative agency Droga5. According to Accenture Interactive, this acquisition will be the largest acquisition in its 10-year history. The terms of the deal are yet to be disclosed but it’s said to be a huge deal. According to Adweek, sources, the deal closed after almost a year’s worth of negotiations between the two parties.

About the Accenture Interactive Acquisitions of Droga5

According to Adweek, Accenture Interactive bought out the 49-per cent stake in Droga5 which was previously owned by media holding company Endeavor. Due to the purchase of the 49 per cent stake, Droga5 will now become a part of Accenture’s interactive division. We will see Droga5, which has 500 employees become a major part of Accenture’s marketing and customer experience division.

Accenture stated that their decision to purchase Droga5 came from a realization that they need to further raise the bar on their brand’s creativity. They stated that the independent agency occupies the top echelon of brand agencies and was a great fit for the consultancy agency. According to an executive in the consultancy agency, Droga5 was a good fit due to its world-class creativity, strategic rigour and brand experience capabilities. The acquisition is great for Accenture because they are gaining a flagship name in its creative marketing business.

Droga will remain the agency’s creative chairman while Sarah Thompson and Bill Scott will continue in their roles. Accenture Interactive also plans to employ the agency’s 500-plus employees in New York and London.

Accenture Interactive and Droga5 Speak on the Acquisition

The CEO of the consultancy agency Brian Whipple spoke about the acquisition. He expressed his agency’s excitement to be working with David Droga and his team of brand strategists and creative minds. He stated that he is excited to work with them as they further their ambition to improve the full human experience with brands. Whipple spoke about how the agency is celebrating its 10 year anniversary and how joining forces with the independent agency is a game-changing milestone for them and the industry. He stated that they will continue to assemble the right mix of capabilities for the modern-day marketer.

David Droga, Droga5’s founder and creative chairman also spoke about the acquisition. He stated that the agency had always worked hard to push their industry forward and make a positive impact. He also talked about how the advertising agency is changing. Droga then expressed his agency’s excitement for the opportunity to work with the consultancy agency. He stated that they will add more dimension to their best ideas and push the agency beyond our existing ambitions.



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