A Viral Campaign: Your Go to Guide to Creating One


Every brand and brand marketer seeks to create a great marketing campaign that has everyone talking. Every brand hopes that their campaign can suddenly explode in popularity and receive widespread circulation. Going viral can take your brand to new and better heights. Going viral isn’t an easy feat to accomplish. This post is going to highlight some practical ways you can create a viral campaign.

A Viral Campaign: Your Go to Guide to Creating One
Source: Bryant Ideas

What is a Viral Campaign?

Before we go on, let’s define what a viral campaign is. A viral campaign is a campaign or piece of content that resonates with its target audience and spreads like wide fire. When a campaign goes viral it can increase the company’s engagement and sales. It can drastically increase the brand’s awareness. Here’s how to create a Viral Campaign:

Let it Appeal to your Target Audience

Running any campaign whether viral or not always starts with your target audience. You need to define your target audience and find out what they like, where they go and how you can make your campaign appeal to them.  Viral campaigns must resonate with your target audience, it must drive them to share and act. Whatever your content is, for it to go viral ensure it is appealing to your target audience

Employ a Strong Visual Strategy

Most content that goes viral is usually visually appealing. This is because visual content is easier to process. An image or video is likely to catch people’s attention faster than a text. For your campaign to go Viral, your visual content should tell a story and resonate with your target audience.  It should also be compatible with your brand’s values and mission. Also, the visual content should be viral-worthy, it should be humorous but still informative.

It Should Evoke Emotions

Every viral campaign evokes emotions. It should tug on people’s emotions, emotions are what compel people to action. When creating your campaign, it is important you choose an emotion you want your audience to feel.

The Content Should be Creative and Unique

Think back to your favourite viral campaign, there was something special about it. There’s something that probably sets it apart for the other campaigns. All viral campaigns are usually very creative, unique, interesting and innovative. When you are creating your campaign look for a unique but creative way to present your idea. Look for a fresh and new way to present your product or service.

Make it Easy to Share

For content to go viral it needs to be shared over and over again. Making it shareable starts with you sharing it in as many places as possible, you have to share it on every social media platform. After this is done, you have to enable sharing, embedding, and downloading capabilities on all of your content.

Timing is Everything

When it comes to creating a viral campaign, timing is everything. You have to ensure you share your content at the right moment, the right moment creates the momentum for the campaign to go viral. A useful tip for knowing the right time to release your content is staying up to date on the latest and trending topics. You can infuse the trending topics into your campaign. Please note that you shouldn’t use tragic events to create a campaign.


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