A Union Bank Production: Enabling Success


In Union Banks new ad, the bank completely deviates from the conventional banking ads. Instead of using the ad to promote the bank’s products and services, the bank chooses to send a message to the Nigerian people. In “Enabling Sucess” Union bank aspires to inspire and motivate the Nigerian people. The ad focuses on very strong themes like perseverance, unity, hope and healing.

Union Bank Paints A Picture Of Nigeria

In the ad, Union bank paints a very realistic picture of the current state of the Nigerian society. It illustrates the daily struggles and injustices that the Nigerian people face. The ad calls out leadership while also pointing out the injustice we as citizens subject our fellow “brothers” too. It then goes to discourage the “Uncle Thomas” mentality, a mental state that the ad goes to describe as an unwillingness to desire, believe and to work for a better nation.

Union Bank’s Message To Nigerians

The second half of the ad focuses on encouraging the Nigerian people, it fosters the spirit of perseverance, encouraging us to keep pushing, hoping and doing our best. It inspires viewers by telling them that every dream is conceivable as long as they keep trying. Union bank then goes to highlight its commitment to supporting the people in their bid to rise above the odds and live more successful and more fulfilling lives.

The ad has been such a huge success because its viewers have been able to connect with the story. Viewers can easily identify with one or more of the characters, they are also able to relate to the struggles they face. It was also able to speak to our innate belief that the future is always better than the past or in this case the present.

The ad was coordinated by the brand agency, Image & Time and Nigerian-owned Lighthouse Television and Filmworks; and was shot in various cities across Nigeria.

A Union Bank Production: Enabling Success


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