7 Top Generation Alpha Influencers


Generation Alpha is reported to be a very growing and lucrative consumer market and a lot of brands will be vying to get and keep their attention.  Generation Alpha which was coined sociologist Mark McCrindle are children born between 2011 to 2025. According to Mark McCrindle, about 2.5 million alphas are born globally every week, that’s a huge market and opportunity for brands. These alphas already have a set of influencers.

These influencers have the capacity to help brands reach, engage and understand this new generation.  Generation Alpha is a very hard target audience to appeal to because their content has to engage both the parents and the kids. This post is going to discuss some of the top 7 generation alpha influencers. These influencers will help Brands Bridge the gap between the parents and kids target audience.

Ryan, 8

Ryan of Ryan ToysReview is the highest paid YouTube star according to Forbes. He has over 17.8 million followers on YouTube, they watch him review toys. He has over 25 billons on his channels, he already has his own toy line of toys and clothes.

7 Top Generation Alpha Influencers

Ava and Alexis McClure, 5

The twins Ava and Alexis are very popular generation Alpha influencers. They are very popular on YouTube and Instagram. Their Instgram channel has over 1.1 million subscribers, while they have over 1.6 million followers on Instagram.  They have “positive lifestyle brand”. The twins already have their own merchandise and clothing line.  They have also represented big brands like Cantu.

7 Top Generation Alpha Influencers

Mila and Emma Stauffer, 4

Mila and Emma are very popular kids from generation alpha. Their very cute and funny videos from Instagram have gone viral all over the web. They have over 4 million followers on Instagram. The two sisters have already started to do brand endorsements for some products and brands and they deliver it with very unique sass.

 Coco Pink Princess, 8

Coco is one of the youngest fashion kid influencers out there. She has a very distinct sense of style that has attracted many fans and big brands. She has already featured clothes and accessories from big brands like Burberry, Gucci, Marc Jacobs on her Instagram. She has over 679k followers on Instagram.

Hawkeye Huey, 9

Hawkeye Huey is the son of National Reprographic photographer Aaron Huey. He is the considered the youngest photographers. He has over 204k Instgram followers, his feed is full of pictures from his adventures. Hawkeye is already in brand favorite.

Stella Bennett, 8 and Blaise Bennett, 6

This brother and sister duo are the fashion influencers. They have over 67k followers on Instagram where they showcase their unique sense of style. The two siblings have already appeared in ads for major brands like Converse, H&M Kids etc.

Millie-Belle Diamond, 4

Mille-Belle Diamond is another popular generation alpha influencer, with over 235k followers. She is also a fashion influencer, she has partnered with children’s brand Little Miss Aoki and has appeared on the New York Fashion Week



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