6 Best Super Bowl Ads of 2019


Super Bowl is one of the world’s biggest events in the advertising industry. The Super Bowl offers brands the opportunity to reach over a 100 million viewers each year. Every year advertiser’s cough out a lot of money to entertain over 100 million viewers. This year’s Super Bowl ratings were pretty low and a lot of the ads were considered to be as dull and flat as the game. Some ads were still able to stand out and were able to entertain the viewers. This is our list of the best Super Bowls Ads of 2019.

Pepsi: “More Than OK”

 The Pepsi “More Than OK” Super Bowl Ad was one of the best Super Bowl Ads of 2019. The spot was created with Goodby Silverstein & Partners, the ad features Steve Carell, Lil John and Cardi B. This spot was entertaining, funny and used its celebrity endorsement wonderfully. It was able to answer the question many coca cola fans have had over the years “Is Pepsi Okay?

Video of Pepsi, More than Ok

Bumble: “Ad Meter 2019”

The Ad meter 2019 Bumble spot was a very inspirational spot. It was created by FlyteVu, and WPP’s VMLY&R. The ad starred Serena Williams, she gives a very inspiring speech about why women should make the first move in every area of their lives.

Video of Bumble: “Ad Meter 2019”

NFL: “The 100-Year Game”

The NFL also lands on our list of best Super Bowl Ads of 2019. The spot which was created by 72 and Sunny and directed by Peter Berg. They decided to mark their 100th anniversary with an amazing spot. The ad was very entertaining, it brought the kind of fast-paced entertainment you will expect from the NFL. The spot starred NFL greats from the past and present.

Video of NFL- The 100 Year Game

Hyundai: “The Elevator”

Hyundai’s elevator ad also falls on our list of best Super Bowl Ads of 2019. It was created by Innocean and it stars Jason Bateman. The very funny ad shows Jason Bateman on an elevator that visits humanity’s worst experience.

Video of Hyundai- Elevator

HBO/Bud Light: “Joust”

This was one of the most surprising ads of this year’s Super Bowl. Who knew that two brands featuring in one spot could be so entertaining? This is definitely one of the best Super Bowl ads of 2019. The ad was created by both Droga5 and Wieden & Kennedy. In the ad, Bud Lights campaign was hijacked by HBO as they promoted the final season of the beloved show.

Video of HBO/Bud Light: “Joust”

Burger King: “Eat Like Andy”

This ad was one of the best Super Bowl ads of 2019, it was created by David Miami. A lot of people loved this ad because of its ingenuity and simplicity. The ad shows old footage of Andy Warhol eating a Whopper.

Video of Eat Like Andy



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