5 Ways to Increase Customer Footfall


Footfall is vital to the success of a retail business and is directly linked to sales. The more people who come into a store, the higher the chances the store has of making a sale. But due to how saturated the market is and the competition from online services, brick and mortar retail are seeing a huge decline in footfall. On this post, we would be discussing some ways to increase customer footfall. These tips will help to boost your exposure and increase the number of people who enter your store.

5 Ways to Increase Customer Footfall

Have a Welcoming Shopfront

The first way to increase customer footfall is to ensure your shopfront is welcoming and inviting. Your shopfront is vital to increasing footfall, it is a very valuable marketing asset. It is basically a free advertising space and you have to ensure it is capturing the attention of your audience. Your shopfront should be designed in such a way that it captures the attention of everyone who passes by.

Offer an experience

Another great way to increase customer footfall is to offer an experience. Coming into your store should go beyond transacting. Customers should be offered a memorable and wonderful experience. Your sales staff should be pleasant and engaging, your customers should want to come back after a visit. You should also offer your customers something beyond transacting with the store. For example, if you sell clothes, you can invite the designers or producers of the goods you stock to host creative experiences for your customers.

Demos and Deals

Another great way to increase customer footfall is to offer great deals and demos. Go out to the streets and engage with people. Talk with the people, find out what they like and offer free demos, samples and discount vouchers. By offering free things you can drive traffic into your shop.

Go online

Online shopping is a major competitor for brick and mortar retail business. A lot of people love to shop online because of how easy and convenient it is. So if you can’t beat them, join them. Every business needs a website, so ensure you have a website where customers can go to a shop. Also, you need to leverage social media to get the attention of your customers. If used well, social media can be used to increase customer footfall.

Loyalty scheme

Asides from looking for ways to attract new business, you should also look for ways to keep already existing business. By starting a loyalty scheme, you can encourage your existing customers to keep coming back. Giving your customers rewards in return for their ongoing business is a powerful customer engagement method.


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