5 Tips for Marketing to Gen Z: How to Effectively Market to Generation Z


Right now Millennials are receiving the largest share of business attention. Millennial preferences have influenced most marketing strategies. They are the largest living generation and a lot of brands are focused on marketing to them. But a lot of forward-thinking brands are looking at the next generation of adults which are Generation Z. On this post we would be discussing marketing to Gen Z, we would be offering tips on how to effectively market to this dynamic generation. Before we launch into our tips on marketing to Gen Z, let’s describe generation Z.

5 Tips for Marketing to Gen Z: How to Effectively Market to Generation Z

Who are the Gen Zs?

Gen Zs are also referred to as the post-millennial, homeland generation or the iGeneration. There isn’t an exact age range for them but they include people born in the mid-1990s to the early 2000s.

5 Tips for Marketing to Gen Z

Partner with Micro-Influencers

When you are marketing to Gen Z, it is a great idea to incorporate micro-influencers into your marketing strategies. Micro-influencers can reach this generation in a very powerful. They give your business credibility and when you partner with them they provide and deliver information about your product in an authentic way that connects with your audience. Micro influencers are social media users who have a following who range from a few thousand to 100,000. This comparatively small compare to celebs and other big-time influencers.

But their posts seem more intimate, authentic and personalized than celebs and big-time influencers.  According to stats, 70 per cent of teenagers relate to YouTube creators more than traditional celebrities.  Stats also show that 44 per cent of Gen Z respondents tried a recommendation from a “digital creator”, compared to just 36 per cent who’ve tried products promoted by celebrities. So having an influencer marketing strategy is definitely a good way to connect with the Gen Zs.

Be Purpose-Driven

When you are marketing to Gen Z, it is paramount that you are a purpose-driven brand. According to studies, this generation support brands who they believe share the same values as they do. They just don’t see brands as a product but as a personality and would support brands who have personalities and values that are similar to theirs. So brands need to speak up and support social, environmental and or political causes. When doing this, you have to ensure you are being authentic because they can see right through you. Support causes that are relevant to your brand and make your values clear with every messaging you put out there.

Create Unforgettable Experiences

Another tip for marketing to Gen Z is to create unforgettable experiences. They really respond well to experiential marketing, it gives them an opportunity to truly connect with your brand on a personal level. They want individual and personalized experiences, and you can give them that with experiential marketing. This will allow them to connect with your brand in a unique way.

Make it Quick and Stick to the Point

Another thing to note when you are marketing to Gen Z is that you have to be direct with your messaging. It’s a very fast generation that gets bored very easily. You have a few seconds to capture their attention, so go straight to the point. Keep your messaging very simple, clear and direct, but ensure it’s very engaging and powerful.

Optimize Your Mobile Experience

To effectively market to Gen Z, you need to go mobile, they are a mobile generation. According to a survey, mobile phones or smartphones are the most used devices by this generation. They make a lot of their purchases on their phones, so you have to optimize your mobile experience. Ensure your website is mobile-friendly and easy to navigate when using a phone.


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