5 Scientific Facts That Prove Travel is Good for your Health


Travelling is great for numerous reasons, it has a way of invigoration your life. It adds something new to your life and broadens your horizons. Travelling is also very good for your health and it has been scientifically proven. Travelling helps both your physical and mental health. On this post, we would be talking about some of the numerous scientifically proven ways travel is good for your Health

Travel is good for your health because it creates stronger antibodies and boosts your immune system.

It has been scientifically proven that travelling can help you develop a stronger immune system. When you travel you are exposed to different environments, this helps to create stronger antibodies which will in turn help boost your immune system significantly. According to research, exposure to some dirt and bacteria can make the body stronger. When you are travelling you are introduced to new bacteria which can help you build a stronger immune system. As you travel to different places, your body stars to adapt to thousands of new bacteria, this will make you stronger.

Travel is good for your health because it decreases your risk of heart disease.

Another reason why travel is good is that it reduces your risk of heart disease. According to a Framingham Heart Study, people who travelled annually were less likely to suffer a heart attack or develop heart disease. This is because people who travel a lot are generally less stressed or anxious.

Travel is good for your health because it improves your mental health.

Travel is also good because it improves your mental health. When you travel you meet new people and have new experiences, this expands your mind. It makes you more easily adapted to a new situation and you are more globally and culturally aware. The new experiences increase cognitive flexibility which keeps your mind sharp. There have been studies that show a connection between travel and an increase in creativity, a deeper sense of cultural awareness and personal growth

Travel is good for your health because it keeps you fit.

It presents you with a lot of opportunities which can force you to be active. Some travel activities are really good for keeping fit. When you travel you tend to try new things and these activities help you keep fit.

Travel is good for your health because of lowers stress levels.

Travel has scientifically proven to reduce stress. According to studies travel will increase your happiness and decrease your depression.  A study found that three days after vacation, travellers felt well-rested, less anxious, and in a better mood. The studied also revealed that these improvements didn’t disappear when they returned home, it lasted for weeks afterwards.


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