5 Office Design Tips to Help Boost Employee Productivity


When we look for ways to boost productivity or motivate our employees we think of tools and activities. We implement new automation technology or we organize team bonding activities. While these methods are great ways for boosting productivity and motivating your employees there are other ways you can do this. Environmental factors also play a huge role in boosting productivity and keeping your employees motivated. Research has shown that office designs have an impact on productivity. On this post we would be discussing some office design tips, these office design tips will help to boost employee productivity.

5 Office Design Tips to Help Boost Employee Productivity

Improve Lighting

Ensuring you have the right type of lighting in your office is our first office design tip. Too much lighting can be as bad as too little in the workspace. Poor lighting can cause eye strain, stress, headaches, fatigue and a host of other problems. When providing lighting in a workplace try to provide as much natural light as possible. Natural light is bright, it makes people happy and helps boost productivity. If you can’t get a lot of natural light try indirect lighting, it is bright and doesn’t cause eye strain. You can also get natural light bulbs or get a light therapy device.

Higher Ceilings

Another great office design tip is to get an office with high ceilings. According to studies, people prefer high ceilings, it helps them to think more freely which can help to boost productivity. Research shows that people prefer ceilings that are at least 10 feet high.

Let it Pop with Colour

A great office design tip is to let your office pop with colour. Colour has a huge impact on your employee’s emotions, moods and productivity. According to some research, white is one of the worst colours for boosting productivity. So to boost productivity change the walls to more inspiring and productivity-boosting colours like green, blue and red. If you really like white walls, you can use your furniture to add a pop of colour.

Control the Noise

Noise is a major factor that affects productivity, according to research noise is linked to lower productivity and increased stress. To prevent noise from affecting your employee’s productivity, invest in sound masking systems. If that’s too expensive, try investing in noise cancelling handphones. Controlling noise levels will really help you boost employee productivity.

Different Spaces

If you can afford to, please invest in having multiple spaces for your employees to work in.  Working in a new space with different qualities and things to look at literally shifts your brain and helps you stay focused. You can also create spaces designed to optimize productivity for different tasks. For instance, a brainstorming room, a room for collaboration, social spaces etc.


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