5 Great Cruise Destinations for Your Next Vacation


Ever thought about going on a cruise? Going on a cruise is a great vacation idea, it helps you better connect to the places you visit. It is a great way to experience new environments and cultures. Cruises give you the opportunity to immerse yourself in different locations. You get to appreciate the landscape and environment in a whole new and different way. On this post we would be discussing great cruise destinations, these places are amazing places to go to if you are planning on going on a cruise for your next vacation.


5 Great Cruise Destinations for Your Next Vacation

Alaska is one of the world’s best and most amazing cruise destinations, this beautiful ice land is with a lot of natural wonders. It is great for site seeing, participating in activities and learning. There beautiful glaciers and snow-capped mountains to appreciate. There are also a lot of activities to do in Alaska like kayaking, paddle boarding and snorkelling. While sailing through you can watch for whales and polar bears. Apart from appreciating ice, Alaska has more activities and experiences to offer. There are train rides across the mountainside which offer views of forests and wildlife.

St. Maarten

5 Great Cruise Destinations for Your Next Vacation

St. Maarten ranks high on amazing cruise destinations. This beautiful Caribbean destination offers a carefree vacation experience to its tourists who just want to relax. The destination has beautiful beaches with turquoise waters, tourists can enjoy a swim and walk across the sand. There are also a lot of engaging activities available for adventurous people. Tourists can enjoy scuba diving and snorkelling activities. There is also something for culture lover, there’s an art gallery filled with paintings of the country’s colourful landscape. St. Maarten also has a beautiful Butterfly Farm which you can explore. Tourists can also enjoy some authentic French cuisine at St. Maarten.

Kuai, Hawaii

5 Great Cruise Destinations for Your Next Vacation

Kauai is one of the most beautiful cruise destinations, it has been the landscape behind more than 50 Hollywood movies. This is the perfect cruise destination if you wish to get closer to nature. It is known as the ‘Garden Island’ and is home to a variety of lush landscapes like rainforests and waterfalls. There are a lot of outdoor activities to engaging in at these destinations. Tourist can take a hike up Waimea Canyon or discover wildlife in Na Pali Coast State Park. They can also study the local flora in Limahuli Garden and Preserve. Tourists can also enjoy unforgettable views on a helicopter tour over the mountainside.

Santorini, Greece

5 Great Cruise Destinations for Your Next Vacation

Santorini Greece is one of the most picturesque travel destinations and cruise destinations. It is so beautiful and a great place to visit and explore. With its black beaches, cliffs and whitewashed buildings, fascinating architecture and beautiful landscape, it is no wonder Santorini is one of the most visited travel destinations. Tourist can enjoy authentic Greek cuisine, wine connoisseurs can visit Fira’s local wineries. Santorini boasts of some of the best wine in Greece, tourists can explore the volcanic crater or caldera that forms the bay surrounding Santorini. There is also a Museum of Prehistoric Fira to visit at Santorini.


5 Great Cruise Destinations for Your Next Vacation

Bonaire is another ideal cruise destinations, this destination has beautiful water and beaches. Tourists can enjoy nature and can encounter a variety of animals. There are a ton of activities to engage in at these destinations. Some of them include diving, snorkelling, windsurfing, layering, kiteboarding, mountain biking and bird watching.


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