5 Customer Scheduling Tools for Your Business


If you run a business that heavily relies on scheduling for its everyday operations then you know how important managing your schedule is to the success of your business. When you run businesses like these you have to ensure your calendar is managed efficiently with no room for errors. Ensuring your schedule is efficiently handled can be very tasking luckily there are now great scheduling tools that can help. This post will discuss some great scheduling tools you can use to help keep track of all your appointments. These scheduling tools will help to automate and organize your schedule efficiently to ensure appointment are never missed. Which will, in, turnwill help your business operations run smoothly. Here are the scheduling tools:

5 Customer Scheduling Tools for Your Business


 Acuity is a great scheduling tool, it helps you manage your schedule very efficiently.  Your customers can use this tool to book appointments with you. The tool allows your customers to see in real time when you are available, this will help prevent double bookings. This scheduling tool also allows customers to pay in advance through different methods like Paypal.  Customers can also cancel and reschedule appointments with the tool. It also allows for integrations with other tools like QuickBooks, Google Analytics, and MailChimp. This tool is one of the best scheduling tools in the market.


Setmore is another great scheduling tool, it one of the best scheduling tools in the market with a lot of great reviews. It is great for small business owners because it has a free package that allows you to add up to 20 users. This tool is great for booking appointments, sending reminders, collaborating with other staff calendars and so much more. It can also send SMS and email reminders to your clients to remind them of future appointments. It allows for online payments when integrated with Stripe. The tool also integrates with social media and collaborative platforms like Instagram and Slack.


Just like Acuity, your customers can schedule their appointments with this tool. This scheduling tool is great for business who rely heavily on social media because customers can book appointments form social media with this tool. It also allows for prepayments and sends SMS and email reminders to your clients.


This is a great scheduling tool that encourages communication between business owners and customers. Just like other scheduling tools it allows you efficiently manage your appointments and sends out automated reminders to you clients.  The tool also allows your clients to respond to the reminders, they can confirm, cancel or reschedule. It has a chat feature that you can use to track customer feedback.


It can be synced with your Google calendars and it allows users to receive requests for appointments rather than merely booking meetings straight up. It is a great, powerful and easy to use scheduling tool.


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