5 Biggest Movie Marketing Campaigns of 2018


Hollywood marketers have their work cut out for them, getting audiences to flock into the movies is becoming more and more difficult. With some many media options available, Hollywood marketers have to go overtime to capture and keep the audience’s attention. To drive their audience to the theaters, they have to ensure they generate a lot of buzz. This post is going to discuss some of the biggest movie marketing campaigns of 2018. These are the movie marketing campaigns of 2018 that stood out in their executions and successful drove their audience to the cinema.


Venom was one of 2018’s biggest movie, it grossed over $800 million and became the highest grossing origin superhero movie.It lands on our biggest movie marketing campaigns of 2018 because of how Sony Pictures promoted the home video release. To promote the home video release of venom, Sony Pictures recut the movie to produce a trailer that made it look like a romantic comedy. The new trailer was funny and witty, though we have seen this done a lot this year. This recut really stood out and helped the Venom movie sales.

5 Biggest Movie Marketing Campaigns of 2018

Crazy Rich Asians

Crazy Rich Asians was another really high grossing movie of 2018, and one of the years most talked about movies. The movie raised over $200 million at the box office. It created a lot of buzz because it’s all Asian cast. The movie drove audiences to the cinema because it celebrated culture and diversity. Hollywood has often been accused of white-washing and Warner Brothers decision to keep the all Asian cast as the book intended was a welcomed decision.  The decision was led to a commercially successful movie which gathered a lot of praise. The exquisite and tasteful marketing of Crazy Rich Asian definitely deserves a spot on our list biggest movie marketing campaigns of 2018.

Mission Impossible: Fallout

Most movie franchises tend to fall short in later instalments, most times they lose the magic that drove audiences to the theatres in the first instalments. Well, Mission Impossible Fallout didn’t fall into this category. This 2018 instalment was one of the year’s top-grossing movies, it grossed over $700 million. A lot of the film’s success can be attributed to its great marketing which is why the film landed on our biggest movie marketing campaigns of 2018 list. When marketing most action movies, studios tend to focus on a single stunt moment.

Instead of following this trend, Mission Impossible Fallout focused on promoting a range of stunts done by the film’s star Tom Cruise.  They released a series of clips showing how Tom Cruise executed some of the movies most daring stunts. The marketing focused on how Tom Cruise did all his own stunts, this definitely worked because it was a huge commercial hit.

5 Biggest Movie Marketing Campaigns of 2018

The Incredibles 2

From the moment the animation flick was announced, it started to create a lot of buzz. The Incredible 2 was the highest grossing animtion film of 2018 and second highest animation film ever. A lot of this success goes to the marketing, especially since it was over 14 years since the original came out. The film brought in over $ 1 billion dollars, this huge commercial success earns it a spot on our biggest movie marketing campaigns of 2018 list. The marketing team of this movie tapped into a lot make this movie such a huge success. Through all the trailers, teasers, promotional posters and fan-centric promotional events, they were able to tap millennial nostalgia to drive audiences to the theatres.

5 Biggest Movie Marketing Campaigns of 2018

 Black Panther

Black Panther was arguably the most talked about and popular movie of 2018. The movie brought in over $1.3 billion worldwide and was the second highest grossing movie of 2018. Black Panther will be on any list of biggest movie marketing campaigns of 2018. The movie could have been just another Marvel film but the speculator marketing helped drive audiences to the cinemas. It celebrated black culture with its amazing cast, premise and references to African culture. The film’s soundtrack also contributed to the huge commercial success.

5 Biggest Movie Marketing Campaigns of 2018


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