5 Best Lead Generation Tools


Online lead generation can be very difficult and usually doesn’t stop at driving people to your site. For you to leverage the leads you generate, you have to ensure you optimize your lead generation pathways on your website. This involves collating their information and nurturing them to loyal customers. Luckily there are tools that can help streamline this process. These tools are called lead generation tools, on this post, we would discuss the best lead generation tools. These tools will help you drive leads, reduce friction and increase conversion rates.

5 Best Lead Generation Tools


HubSpot is a great lead generation tool, it is great for small to big sized businesses. It has a lot of free tools like HubSpot CRM and HubSpot Marketing. It is a lead generation and marketing automation platform. With the platform, users can create landing pages, lead generation forms, email campaigns and lead scoring. Hubspot has a complete content management software and CRM system. With the help of this tool, businesses can collect lead information and manage sales processes.


MailChimp is another great lead generation tool, it is also really good for small businesses. Just like Hubspot, it has some free tools and it is great for email lead generation. With the tool, you can sign up subscribers, create elaborate drip campaigns, signup forms and Facebook forms. It also has a great feature called social profiles add-on, the feature allows you to gather publicly available information about your contacts social media profiles and their activities.


 Infusionsoft is a great lead generation tool because it also has a full e-commerce suite and a lead generation tool. The tool allows you to track interactions and responsiveness to guide future campaigns. With the tool, you can create a very detailed lead generation campaign. It helps users generate leads primarily through email subscriptions and content downloads. It also gives users the tools to nurture those leads and convert them into customers.


Intercom is a really good lead generation tool, with the tool users, can use it to engage and collect the information of visitors on their sites. The tool also allows you to analyze their on-site behaviour, this will help with conversions. Intercom also has an integrated help desk and knowledge base to give support to your customers.


AdWords allows you to advertise on Google Search using the keywords users search for. This is a great tool if you wish to attract a lot of users to visit the landing page of your website or call you. The great thing about this tool is that you only pay for advertising when people click on your ad.


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