5 Best Holiday Marketing Campaigns Of 2018


Everyone loves the Holidays, the food, the merriment and the quality time with your family. Another great highlight of the Holiday seasons is Holiday ads, we all love them, and they are inspiring, entertaining and delightful. Today we are going to look at the 5 best holiday Marketing Campaigns of 2018. These best holiday marketing campaigns of 2018, are the campaigns that surprised us, stood out and delighted every viewer. This list doesn’t appear in any particular order or ranking.

John Lewis & Partners: The Boy and the Piano

The departmental store company released one of best holiday marketing campaigns of 2018. The viral campaign which boasts of nearly 10 million YouTube views on its first week stars Elton John. The ad shows Elton John playing the piano while signing his iconic song “Your Song”. The ad then works backwards in time as it takes us through the life of the legendary Elton John. Different actors portray the Legendary Elton John at different stages of his life and career.

The ad finally ends with us seeing him as a boy receiving his first piano as a Christmas gift. As the ad ends we realize that it’s the same piano he was playing in the beginning. The viewers are left with a message that “some gifts are more than just a gift.” The ad tells a very touching, inspiring and thought-provoking story. It subtly reminds us that a gift can change a life.

Apple: Share Your Gifts

Apple released a great holiday ad with a very powerful message. The animated ad was one of best holiday Marketing Campaigns of 2018. It stars a girl who constantly creates but hides her creations from the world in a box. The ad runs through different instances where she hides her creations from the people around her. The creations/ ideas a mistakenly float out of her window and are revealed to the townspeople. As they discover them, she finds out they enjoy and love them. The ad is very heartwarming and has a simple but important message Share Your Gifts.

McDonald’s UK: #ReindeerReady

The fast-food chain released one of best holiday marketing campaigns of 2018. The campaign reminded us that not only Santa should get all the snacks, his reindeers also need some snacks. Reindeer Ready follows Santa and his reindeers as they make their deliveries, as is traditions, Santa finds milk and cookies in every home but nothing for the reindeers. The reindeers get more and more disappointed and tired as they get to each house to find no snacks are left out for them. Santa finally finds a solution, he goes into McDonald’s to get “Reindeer Snacks” which are baby carrots. The ad is so charming and heartwarming, just one look at the reindeer’s large big sad eyes and your heart will melt.

Google: Home Alone Again with the Google Assistant

This ad was one of the year’s most viral, nostalgic and best holiday marketing campaigns of 2018. The ad pays homage and updates the classic Home Alone films. The Google ad stars the film’s original star Macaulay Culkin, it features a lot of easter eggs for Home Alone fans. It is very delightful and fans of the original home alone movies will feel a strong sense of nostalgia when they watch the ad. The ad is filled with great, funny and delightful detailed callbacks to the original film and its sequels.

Sainsbury: The Big Night

This heartwarming ad was one of best holiday marketing campaigns of 2018. The as is simply delightful, it features kids at a holiday show and a little girl who is performing at the show as the star. It tells the story of the little girl finding her voice. The little girl sings a very inspirational song which has such a strong and positive message. It is such a lovely and delightful ad to watch.


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