5 Best Free Logo Makers You Should Use in 2019


Every brand needs a logo, no matter how small or big your business is, you need a logo. A logo helps customers to easily recall your brand even without seeing your brand name. The right logo can draw the attention of your customers and set you apart from your competitors. If you are a small business and are looking to design your logo but don’t have the funds to get the job done professionally, then you should definitely keep reading this post. On this post, we would discuss the best free logo makers in the market. With these free logo makers, you can create very professional looking logos.

5 Best Free Logo Makers You Should Use in 2019


Canva is a tool that can do way more than design a logo but it is a great free logo maker. With Canva, you can create banners, presentations, business cards and so much more. The tool is really good for creating logos and it has an easy to use interface. There are over 100 readymade templates available on the platform.  The tools also allow you to create the logo from scratch and tips and hints are available in case you don’t know where to start from. You can add your images to the logo design if you want. Canva also allows you to download high-resolution logos at no cost.

U-Craft Logo Maker

U-craft is an online website building platform for creating websites, landing pages, and online stores. It also has a great free logo maker, unlike Canva, you won’t have access to the ready-made templates. But you can use the icons, and text or geometric shapes available to create your logo. The tool allows you to easily manipulate the elements by allowing you to change the colour, size, angle etc. It also allows you to see how the logo would look on a business card, website and as a printed image when you are done.

Graphic Springs

Graphic Springs is another amazing free logo maker. The tool automatically generates icons for your logo when you enter the company name, tagline and choose a logo theme. You can then sort through it by popularity and other keywords. Graphic Springs features a wide selection of beautiful and high-quality icons. Just like U-craft logo maker, you can preview how the logo would look on various objects like websites, business cards etc. But unlike U-craft and Canva you will need to pay some money to download it.

Free Logo Design

Free Logo Design is another brilliant free logo maker. Once you enter your company name and your industry, the tool will generate possible logo templates. It also allows you to design your own on a custom design from scratch with professional designers. The custom design feature isn’t free, it cost over $100. But downloading the logos in small resolutions is absolutely free.


Designmantic is very similar to the free logo makers mentioned above. All you need to do is enter the company name and choose the business field, it will also provide a variety of logo templates. It has customization capabilities. The service integrates AI technology, which makes it a very comprehensive and useful tool.


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