5 Best and Unpopular Summer Destinations


Summer is right around the corner and many people are planning or have already planned where they are going to spend it. Deciding where you want to spend your summer vacation can be very difficult, seeing as the world is a big and beautiful place. There are just so many places to explore, there are well-known and popular summer travel destinations like Spain, Paris, Greece etc. These ‘popular’ destinations are beautiful and full of adventure but are also crowdy. If you are looking for a crowd-free, low-key and unusual summer vacation, then you should definitely keep reading. On this post, we would be discussion best and unpopular summer destinations. These unpopular summer destinations are picturesque, beautiful, and full of adventure and have a lot of culture to offer.


5 Best and Unpopular Summer Destinations

Slovenia is an amazing unpopular summer destination. This beautiful place has so much to offer despite its tiny size. It has a Mediterranean coast with small but cosy towns, spectacular crystal clear lakes and breathtaking mountains. There are also beautiful castles and wonderful medieval architecture to explore. At this awesome summer destination, you can go hiking and canyoning.

 Albanian Southern Coast

5 Best and Unpopular Summer Destinations

This is another amazing unpopular summer destination and a hidden gem. It is beautiful, safe and full of adventure. They have spectacular picturesque beaches, fairy tale like cosy towns, amazing and unusual architecture. There are ruins of ancient Greek cities for tourist to explore, a lot of attractions and their food is great. At this destination, tourists can backpack, relax at the beach and take in some of its amazing sites and wonderful culture.


5 Best and Unpopular Summer Destinations

Malta is an amazing summer travel destination, this beautiful place has a lot to offer tourists. The temperature is always high, so if you love warm vacations then this is the place to be. There are gorgeous beaches and beautiful Baroque architecture. Tourist can enjoy and participate in numerous events. Tourists can enjoy a variety of leisure activities at this unpopular summer destination. Some of these activities include scuba diving, paragliding, windsurfing, mountain biking and more. If you are a Game of Throne fan, then you would love to know that it is also a shooting destination for the hit series.

Cape Verde

5 Best and Unpopular Summer Destinations

Cape Verde is another great summer travel destination, there are a lot of gorgeous beaches and resorts. If you are after a relaxing and chilled vacation, then this is a destination for you. Cape Verde also has some adventure to offer, with beautiful volcanic and green islands to explore.

 Northern Spain

5 Best and Unpopular Summer Destinations

Spain is a very popular travel destination and people often overlook its northern regions. Its Northern regions are beautiful and totally underrated. The landscape is natural and beautiful, culture and history are also very rich. There are so many places to explore and there are a lot of beaches to enjoy and relax in.


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