5 Best and Memorable International Campaigns for 2018


From our last post on the best and memorable campaigns in Nigeria for 2018, you can tell that we are looking back at 2018 to take stock. Today we are looking at 2018 to talk about the best and memorable international campaigns for 2018. This list is our opinion and doesn’t mention the campaigns in any particular order of preference or rank. We are just going to discuss some of the international campaigns that stood out in 2018 in our opinion.

Amazon: Alexa Lost Her Voice

This campaign was one of the top best and memorable international campaigns for 2018. Anyone who sees this ad will definitely fall in love with the ad. In the ad, Alexa loses her voice and the Amazon team decide to use their “backup” voice. The “back up” voice is a great line up of celebrity voices. The lineup of celebrity voices includes an abusive Gordon Ramsay, a sarcastic Cardi B, an alluring Rebel Wilson, and a threatening Anthony Hopkins. The Alexa lost her voice ad is so funny and it uses its celebrity endorsement in the most brilliant ways. The ad is timeless and would still be memorable in 10 to 20 years from now.

Nike: Believe in Something. Even If It Means Sacrificing Everything

This campaign was one of the most viral and controversial campaigns of 2018. Nike’s believe in something campaign definitely ranks high on any list of best and memorable international campaigns for 2018.  The campaign featured Colin Kaepernick who was the centre of a lot of controversies this year. The ad was so brave and powerful yet had a very simple and inspiring message. Colin Kaepernick was the face of the campaign but it also featured other athletes like Odell Beckham, Lacey Baker and Shaquem Griffin. Nike took a stand with this ad, something that has almost never been done by brands. It sparked a lot of debates on whether brands were supposed to take a stand on controversial issues. The campaign paid offfor Nike, as it said that it boosted their sales by $6 billion.

5 Best and Memorable International Campaigns for 2018

Tide: Tide’s It’s a Tide ad

This was one of the most talked about ads of 2018. The ad was a truly inspired campaign, it featured stranger things actor David Harbour. The Meta ad used a unique approach to referencing other ads. The flawlessly executed ad hijacked other ads to present a very funny and cheeky ad. This ad has to feature on any and every list of best and memorable internationalcampaigns for 2018.

Apple: Welcome Home

This campaign was used to promote Apple’s Home Pod, it features musician and dancer FKA twigs. The 4-minute ads follow FKA twigs through her tiny New York apartment as she creates a larger and more expansive reality within the small apartment. As she reshapes her apartment, her mood also seems to get lifted up. The ad acts as a metaphor for how good sound quality can lift up the soul. The welcome home is such a pleasant and delightful ad to watch. It definitely belongs on this list of best and memorable international campaigns.


This campaign acted like an apology from the fast food brand for running out of chicken in about a hundred locations in the UK. The FCK was very simple yet very daring, it conveyed the right level of regret, humility and of course humour. This campaign was so brilliant and was on of this year’s best and memorable international campaigns.


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