5 Best AI Chatbots to Use for Your Business in 2019


Chatbots are great tools, they help your customers get answers about your organization and its products without the added expense of an extra customer service person. With chatbots, you don’t need to monitor your website constantly. It can respond to customer enquiries, market and sell your products. Most chatbots can handle simple to moderately sophisticated conversations but they still have some limiting conversational capabilities. Luckily for brands, there have been advancements in chatbot tech. Now there are AI chatbots, these AI chatbots have advanced conversational capabilities. They use machine learning and natural language procession to understand the intent behind your customer enquiries. These AI chatbots can handle the most complex conversations.  On this post on AI chatbots, we would be discussing the best AI chatbots in the market currently.

5 Best AI Chatbots to Use for Your Business in 2019

Watson Assistant

Watson Assistant is one of the best and most advanced AI chatbots in the market. One of the things that makes it so great is that it comes pre-programmed with content from your specific industry. It can understand your chat and call history. The chatbot can also search for answers from your knowledge base and can even ask customers for more clarity. Watson Assistant can also give you training recommendations to hone its conversational abilities. You can use it on your website, messaging channels, customer service tools and mobile app.


Ada is another great AI chatbot, the tools integrate with most messaging channels and most CRM systems. It can send personalized content to your customers and ask for customer feedback. Ada also reports on your bots’ time, cost and effort savings. Ada also stores customer data.


Aivo is one of the best AI chatbots in the market. It can easily integrate with third integrations like Whatsapp, Zendesk etc. With this tool, you can offer your customers a very personalized experience. It helps you optimize your resources and increase conversions. The tool allows you to respond in real-time with text or voice.


LivePerson can be integrated with most messaging channels like a website, Apple Business chat, Facebook, Whatsapp, mobile app etc. The tools allow users to build chatbots from scratch, users don’t need coding knowledge to use this tool. It has really great tracking capabilities, it tracks metrics like bot conversation time, bot contained sales, real-time sentiment etc.


This tool integrates with a wide range of messaging channels Facebook, Skype, Twitter, Slack, YouTube, Twitter, Kik, and LiveChat. It has a lot of amazing features like 24/7 customer service, spam filters, and automatic responses for programmable use cases.


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