4 Ways to Make Your Brand ‘Lit’ To Gen Z


On this post, we would be talking about 4 ways to make your brand ‘lit’ to Gen Z. The insight shared in this article was shared by a member of Gen Z. This is the person’s views on how to make you brand ‘Lit’ to Generation Z. Generation Z is the newest generation of consumers and one that’s still a relative mystery to the marketing world. Most brands are reworking their brand strategies to appeal to this new generation. Here’s some insight to help develop your next strategy.

4 Ways to Make Your Brand ‘Lit’ To Gen Z

Rethink Classic Supply And Demand

Basic economic states that you should match your product’s supply with the demand of the market. But to make your brand to this generation, you have to make your product rare. This generation doesn’t exactly see the value in a product anyone can get. As you know people intrinsically place more value on rare goods just because they’re rare, this is amplified in Generation Z. According to the Gen Z advisor, brands cut their supply and increase the price.

This is a sure-fire way to make your brand ‘Lit’. An example of a brand implementing this strategy is streetwear brand Supreme.  They release a limited amount of product at a specific time, and products are rarely restocked.  This is working so well for the brand that their website sometimes crashes from all the orders they get.

Be Unapologetically Unique

The Gen Z advisor advised brands to stand out and venture out of the mainstream. By creating something different and unique takes a brand from being just a brand to becoming a name brand that’s a leader in the industry and lit to Generation Z. To do this brands simply need to make a product that’s truly unique and desirable. They can also try reinventing the wheel, basically, they should separate themselves from others.

When they stand out from other brands, they should also work on being relatable to the generation. A great way to do this is to have a distinct personality and reflect it in your advertising. It helps to have a specific target customer in mind. An example of a brand doing this is Chubbies Shorts, they sell short-shorts specifically targeting frat bros.

Bring Back the Good Ol’ Days.

Generation Z is all about nostalgia, even though they were not alive during the time, the product or brand was trending. It still appeals to them, this stems from a need for the generation to separate themselves from the crowd. Brands like FILA and Champion are enjoying success because of this reason. According to the Gen Z advisor, if your brand has fallen out of the public eye, don’t rebrand. Stick to your roots and turn your history from a weakness into a strength.

Become Associated With Lit People—but Not the Obvious Ones

A simple way to become lit is to associate with people who are lit. Many brands rush to celebrities to try to achieve this goal but it might not work for the Gen Z.  In a survey, more than 60% of Gen Zers said they prefer ads with “real” people to those with celebrities.  According to the advisor, this generation values the opinions of their favourite micro-influencers in their ads.  They prefer these micro-influencers to traditional celebrities because they believe they are more authentic.

Source: Adage


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