4 Visual Trends That Will Dominate 2020, According to Adobe Stock


Adobe Stock recently released a report detailing the 2020 creative trends. According to the team at Adobe Stock, these visual and creative trends will dominate 2020. To create this report, the view thousands of pages of imagery, reports, news and data. The announcement of the 2020 creative trends was made via a blog post. According to the Adobe Stock, these visual trends  are “deeply connected to larger cultural, economic and social movements that we’ve traced through a multitude of industries.” Adobe Stock’s highlighted four key visual trends. The trends are on topics ranging from inclusion to community to radical self-expression, which will help marketers and advertisers craft campaigns that resonate with audiences.

4 Visual Trends That Will Dominate 2020, According to Adobe Stock

4 Visual Trends That Will Dominate 2020, According to Adobe Stock

All Ages Welcome

Rather than being portrayed as slowing down or needing help, older subjects in advertisements will be represented as “attractive, productive and in their prime.”

“Until recently, older subjects were typically portrayed in terms of needing help and slowing down. Even ‘active’ representations of folks over 50 tended to be patronizing or condescending—think frail, little old ladies dutifully power-walking in ads for hospitals or financial institutions,” Milis wrote in Adobe’s blog post summarizing the 2020 trends. “That’s changed, in a big way.”

Milis wrote that “every major industry from finance and banking to travel and healthcare has gotten the message that older people expect more authentic representation of their lives and aspirations.”

Express Yourself

People in 2020 will increasingly demand that brands, politicians and other public figures be authentic, raw, honest and reflective of the diversity in culture.

“With Express Yourself, we’re focusing on the way people around the world are sharing more of their raw, honest life experiences online and in public—and demanding the same from brands, politicians and other public figures,” Milis wrote. “This trend is our way of describing the prevalent, new, visual form of ‘inclusivity.’”

Makeup Is Not a Mask

Personal style is no longer about trying to attain a linear ideal standard of beauty. In 2020, it’s about “breaking all the established rules of beauty in pursuit of authentic self-expression,” Adobe said.

“Contemporary grooming focuses on celebrating a person’s unique looks and style,” Milis wrote in the blog post, “and colour appears in expressive, artistic and inclusive ways.”

From Me to We

Mainly led by Gen Z and millennials, people will come together more than ever in 2020 to meaningful lifestyle choices” will resonate best.

support causes, which is why images “presenting a strong sense of community and “When it comes to visual imagery,” Milis’ blog post said, “brands are finding that images presenting a strong sense of community and meaningful lifestyle choices resonate best, creating a quick connection between companies and conscious customers.”

The trends are multifaceted, because, as Milis pointed out, visuals need to operate on more than one level.

“Creative professionals need to work with topics the speak to viewers’ identities and interests as well as simultaneously knowing which kinds of images capture customer attention and successfully communicate their messaging,” Milis said.

Source: Ad Week


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