4 Traits of a Successful Experiential Marketing Campaign


Experiential marketing is a great marketing form because it takes consumers from a passive recipient to an active participant. It allows consumers to truly experience and helps them to form unique connections with a brand. There are numerous benefits of employing an experiential marketing strategy. To learn more about experiential marketing and what it has to offer a brand, please click here. On today’s post, we would be discussing some of the traits of a successful experiential campaign. We would be looking at the elements that need to be present to make an experiential marketing campaign successful.

4 Traits of a Successful Experiential Marketing Campaign

Strategic: Go where your Consumers are

Successful experiential marketing campaigns are very strategic, they go where their consumers are. They are able to identify the perfect locations or situations where they can effectively engage their consumers. These campaigns don’t just engage consumers but consumers in their target demographic. For example, if you sell health shakes or supplements, it would be a great idea to set up an experiential event close to the gym and at a peak period. By setting up here, you are giving your consumers the opportunity to experience your product without going out of their way. When you are strategic, you avoid disturbing them or interrupting and can get the most out of the campaign.

Partnerships: Partner with Other Brands

Another characteristic of a successful experiential marketing campaign is partnering with other brands. By partnering with other brands you are able to create a more wholesome and fulfilling experience for your consumers. They introduce your brand to new audiences and give you the opportunity to gain a deeper breadth of consumer insight. When running an experiential marketing campaign, look at other brands which offer complimentary services and partner with them. For example, if you run a makeup studio, you can partner with a clothing store and give your consumers a head to toe makeover.

Digital and Physical: Incorporate Both Digital and Physical Elements

Successful experiential marketing campaigns usually incorporate digital and physical elements. They usually make it easy or encourage participants to share their experience. Some of them integrate VR, AR, social media feeds, and they do this to help enhance physical space. When running an experiential campaign ensure you incorporate elements that are able to capture onsite content and user-generated content to help share with a larger audience on social media.

Sensory Elements: Engage your Consumers Senses

Another important characteristic of experiential marketing campaigns is that it has strong sensory elements. As we know humans are driven by their senses, by appealing to their senses you will be able to get your consumers attention. You would also be able to encourage audience interactions. When running an experiential based campaign, it is vital you spend time considering how to appeal to your consumer’s senses.

For examples on really successful experiential marketing campaigns, please click here.


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