4 Simple Ways to Revitalize your Brand


Times change and brands must also change with them to ensure they stay relevant. There are numerous reasons why brands rebrand or revitalize their image. They may rebrand because of mergers or acquisitions, negative publicity, legal problems etc. We won’t be focusing on these aforementioned reasons in this post. This post is going to discuss simple ways to revitalize your brand. It will focus on simple ways that will help brands recapture the attention of their customers.

4 Simple Ways to Revitalize your Brand

Recreate Your Products

A great place to start when you want to you revitalize your brand is recreating your products. You don’t have to change your product or service’s makeup. You can just redefine the way your customers see the product. That is to change their perception of your product or service. For example, if you have a gym, and you want to redefine the way your customers see it. Instead of selling it as just a place to go to work out.  You can sell it as the ultimate solution to unhealthy living.

Redefine Your Target Audience

You might see start to see a decline in interest from your target audience or a decline in the level of value your product can offer to your current TA. Instead of throwing in the towel this is a great opportunity to revitalize your brand by redefining your target audience. Think about which other demographics can benefit from your products and services. Still using the gym example, if your former target audience were men between the ages 18 to 30. You can change your TA to mothers who are trying to get regain their bodies pre-child birth, or older men who want to stay in shape

Change what it looks like

When you seek to revitalize your brand, doing something as simple as changing the appearance of the product or message imagery can help change the perception of the brand and its products.  

Change your Distribution Channel

Another way to revitalize your brand is to change the way it is distributed. It is highly effective and very transformative. For example how eBooks have revolutionized the way we read books and magazines. Making books more accessible through phones and tablets have made it easier for people to buy books.


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