4 London Art Exhibitions You Can’t Miss in Spring 2019


London’s art scene is popping this spring with some amazing art exhibitions. This post on culture and art is going to discuss 4 London art exhibitions you can’t afford to miss this spring. If you are an art enthusiast and you happen to be in London this spring, please catch these amazing London art exhibitions.

Andy Warhol: Polaroid Pictures at Bastian

This London art exhibition will be opened until the 13th of April 2019. This is a very fascinating exhibition, in new David Chipperfield designed gallery Bastian. You will get to see Warhol’s New York in the 1970s and 1980s. The exhibition will feature about 57 Polaroid portraits of people and objects. Some of Warhol’s portraits will also be featured at this exhibition. Some of them include: Jack Nicholson (1971), Jean-Michel Basquiat (1982), Dennis Hopper (1972 and 1977), David Bowie (1971), Grace Jones (1974), Jane Fonda (1982), Muhammad Ali (1977), Keith Haring, Joseph Beuys,), Gianni Versace (1980)and Yves Saint Laurent (1972). If you happen to be in London the ensure you catch this amazing exhibition.

4 London Art Exhibitions You Can’t Miss in Spring 2019

“A photograph is a secret about a secret.” Diane Arbus

This London art exhibition pairs 12 of Bill Viola’s video installations with 15 rarely-seen drawings by Michelangelo. 12 of these drawings were borrowed HRH the Queen’s Royal Collection. This exhibition will showcase the cycle of life. Considering that both artists deal with the themes of life and death, the exhibition is bound to be exciting and a feast for the eyes. Attendees should expect to see Viola’s triptych, of a woman giving birth, a man floating in a void and a woman on her deathbed. They will also get to see Michelangelo drawings of Mary and baby Jesus and a dead Jesus.

Andy Warhol: Polaroid Pictures at Bastian

Bosco Sodi: Heavens and the Earth at Blain/Southern

This London art exhibition will run until the 23rd of March. The exhibition will feature Mexcian artist Bosco Sodi’s striking paintings which are like 3-dimensional wall sculptures. It will also showcase stacks of hand-made Mexican clay bricks that create wall-like sculptures which allude to the promised wall between Mexico and the United States. The exhibition will also feature an exhibition of nine emerging Mexican artists who present abstract wall-based works on socio-political themes. The exhibition was co-curated with Alberto Rioss.  The exhibit will also show  Benjamin Torres’ collage shows ads for Dutch beer company Heineken almost obliterated by bright pink and red paint.

4 London Art Exhibitions You Can’t Miss in Spring 2019

 Pierre Bonnard: The Colour of Memory at Tate Modern

This London art exhibition will show until the 6th of May 2019. This exhibition is the first major exhibition of Pierre Bonnard’s work in the UK since the much-loved show at Tate 20 years ago. It will concentrate on Bonnard’s work from 1912 until his death in 1947. The exhibition will showcase landscapes, crowd scenes and intimate domestic scenes.  

4 London Art Exhibitions You Can’t Miss in Spring 2019


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