4 Business Lessons to Learn from TV Shows: Power


Power is an edgy drama series, with a great storyline, amazing plot twists and a great cast. Power is a really good show and its level of greatness has often been compared to Game of Thrones in terms of entertainment. The great show has a strong and loyal fan base and is indeed a powerful series. The main character James St Patrick also known as Ghost is an entrepreneur and today we will examine the lessons a business owner/entrepreneur can learn from him and Power as a whole. This is the second instalment from our series on business lessons you can learn from TV shows. The first article in the series covered business lessons to learn for Game of Thrones. You can read the article to learn more useful and practical business lessons here. So let’s dive into today’s topic, business lessons to learn from Power.

4 Business Lessons to Learn from TV Shows: Power

You Need a Partner like Tommy

When you are choosing a business partner get someone like Tommy, Tommy and Ghost are two completely different people. They are on two opposite sides of a pole and that’s what makes their partnership so great. They balance each other out, they each have strengths that they both need to make their business work. As an entrepreneur, you need to know you strengths and weakness and get a partner who will help fill those voids. Just look at Tommy and Ghost, Tommy is the action man while Ghost is the strategist. When getting a partner or building a team choose people who bring values and assets you don’t have but need.

You Need a Support System and People who you are Accountable to

Not every idea and decision you will make as an entrepreneur will be the best for your business and its employees. You will need someone who will call you out when you are making such decisions. You need to surround yourself with people who would give you their honest opinions about your decisions and ideas. On power, Ghost has Tasha for that, she calls him and holds him accountable to his actions. She is also his support system, every entrepreneur needs a good support system. People who have you back because there are times when things get hard. You need a team who is supportive to keep you going.

Stay True to Yourself and Vision

One of the shows most beloved characters on Power is Tommy and that’s because Tommy is unapologetically Tommy. No matter the situation or what people think, he is always true to himself. As an entrepreneur, you have to emulate this kind of confidence in your vision and yourself. Many times you would be tempted to emulate your competition and might end up losing what makes your brand so special and lose sight of your vision.

Plan Your Next Move

On power, Ghost is arguably one of the best strategists. No matter how bad things get he can always get himself out of it by planning. As an entrepreneur, you should always be planning your next move. Even when you are on top, you have to be thinking about how you can improve.


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