3 Times Burger King Trolled McDonald’s and How It Boosted Sales


Burger King has a very fiery marketing approach, they are constantly trolling their other fast food rivals especially McDonald’s. McDonald’s seems to always be at the centre of the brand’s stunt.  The fast-food chain is always looking for and finding ways to troll McDonald’s. They have trolled McDonald’s in some very savage and epic ways. Have you ever wondered if these stunts have ever paid off for the brand? Well on this post, we would be discussing some of the times Burger King Trolled McDonald’s and how its boosted sales.

Whopper Detour

3 Times Burger King Trolled McDonald’s and how it’s Boosted Sales

This has to be the most savage way Burger King has ever trolled its rival ever. The campaign was created by FCB New York, the campaign involved offering its fans a 1 cent Whopper coupon. To redeem the coupon, fans had to be within 600 feet of a McDonald’s location. This campaign was a huge hit both in PR terms and in driving downloads. Their app was downloaded more than 1 million times and was the No 1 download app on Apple App Store. It also increased sales through the mobile app by 3 times during the campaign and a continued sales increase of times 2. The sales increase was not in units sold but in total sales value.


  • 3X sales increase through the mobile app during promotion
  • 2X increase sustained after
  • 2019 One Show Best in Discipline in Experiential and Immersive

Scary Clown Night

This campaign was created by the creative agency LOLA MullenLowe. The campaign was created just after Stephen King’s IT movie was released, the movie is the highest- grossing horror movie in history and at the time of the release was one of the most talked about the movie. Burger King decided to leverage on the movie’s success and people’s fear of clowns. They used the opportunity to also troll their longtime rival McDonalds. The campaign involved encouraging fans to dress up as Scary Clowns. Burger Kings around the world gave free Whoppers to anyone who came dressed as a clown on Halloween


  • More than 110,000 clowns receiving free Whoppers
  • 15% global sales increase, 21% increase in foot traffic
  • 1 billion earned impressions
  • $22.4 million in earned media value
  • Cannes Lions gold Lion in Outdoor


This campaign was created with Y&R New Zealand and it involved Burger King penning an open letter to McDonald in a New York Times ad. They asked them to come together on International Peace Day and create a McWhopper. The proceeds will be given to a nonprofit advocating for peace. Its rivals politely declined, and it sparked a lot of attention and led to other burger chains joining the cause instead. This lead to nearly 9 billion media impressions.


  • $138 million in earned media
  • 9 billion media impressions
  • 2016 Cannes Lions Grand Prix in Media and Grand Prix in Print
  • 2017 Grand Effie

Source: Adweek


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