3 New Places to Find Gen Z for Advertisers


Generation Z is the newest generation of consumers and one that’s still a relative mystery to the marketing world. Most brands are reworking their brand strategies to appeal to this new generation. If you are one of such brands or a brand whose key demographic is this generation, then you need to know where to reach them. On this post, we would be sharing 3 new places to find Gen Z. These places to find Gen Z were provided by a Gen Z member. If you are an advertiser then you need to keep reading this.

3 New Places to Find Gen Z for Advertisers

3 New Places to Find Gen Z for Advertisers

TikTok: Gen Z’s new Vine

Thinking of places to find your Gen Z demographic? Look no further, TikTok (the new Vine) is the place to be. TikTok is to Gen Z, what Vine was to millennials. Between 2014 to 2015, Vine was very popular among young people. It was a platform for sharing 6-second videos. The platform was so popular that by December 2015 it had a whopping 200 million daily active users. Unfortunately, it fizzled out leaving with it a huge vacuum. TikTok has been able to fill in that vacuum becoming a huge hit with Gen Z. By June 2018, the app had 500 million monthly active worldwide users. Today the number is 800 million and it is the No. 1 app in the free entertainment category of Apple’s App Store.  This youthful generation has made the platform their home for sharing short videos featuring lip-syncing, dancing, gymnastics, comedy and more. If you are an advertiser with Gen Z as a key demographic then you need to be utilizing this platform.

Twitch: Where your kid’s favourite celebrity goes live

Twitch is another great place to try to target the Gen Z. It is an online live-streaming platform owned by Amazon. The platform first gained traction within the gaming community by allowing users to watch famous gamers play live and comment on the action. Now the platform has grown beyond gamers and now hosts a variety of live streaming categories. These categories range from Talk Shows & Podcasts to ASMR to Food & Drink. Its most popular non-video game category is “Just Chatting,” where viewers come to chat with streamers in real-time.

This platform is thriving largely because of the personalized streamer-viewer relationship its live streams create. Other platforms don’t provide this type of connection. Twitch has over 15 million daily active users and a large portion of them are Gen Zers.

Mixer: The new Twitch?

Any good strategist knows that you have to start looking for the next big thing. The same principle applies to the advertising world, you need to start searching for the next big platform and start leveraging on it. Mixer seems to be poised to be the next Twitch, so why not start leveraging on it today?

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