10 Useful Apps for Planning a Vacation


Planning a vacation can be a really stressful task but technology has made it a lot easier. This post is going to list some useful apps for planning a vacation. These apps will take the stress off planning a vacation and leave you with plenty of time to actually enjoy the vacation.

10 Useful Apps for Planning a Vacation


Deciding where to vacation is pretty easy but figuring out how to finance is the hard part. Mint is one of the very amazing apps for planning a vacation. It helps you create a budget that will allow you to set aside money for travelling. You can also track your spending with the Mint app while vacationing.


Hopper is one of the great apps for planning a vacation, with Hopper you can look up the cheapest prices for plane tickets. The app tells you when to buy your ticket through a push notification. Other great apps for looking up plane tickets include Kayak and Skyscanner.

Hotel Tonight

Hotel Tonight is an app you should have on your list of apps for planning a vacation. This app was made for a last minute travelers. With the app you can book a hotel from the evening you arrive up until 7 days before your stay. So if you a last minute type of person then this app is great for you.

Sygic Travel

The Sygic Travel app should rate high on your list of apps for planning a vacation. The app is such a useful and helpful app. Sygic Travel allows you to make a personalized itinerary, all you need to do is provide the app with some information. Once you tell the app where you are going to and for how long you are staying, it then creates a custom itinerary of top attractions.


Blink is another great app for planning a vacation, it is like tinder for vacation sightseeing. It has a tinder like mechanism where you can swipe left or right to express like or dislike for places to visit. All you need to do is choose where you are visiting, and it will start to load tourist attractions for you to swipe.


Well, another stressful part of going on vacation is having to pack. It can be a really stressful and nerve-racking process. Packpoint helps you pack by looking at weather forecast for dates and the location of your trip. It will provide a checklist for things you should pack, it will also ask you select the type of activities you will be participating in to be help come up with a comprehensive list.


Citymapper is another great app that belongs on every list of apps for planning a vacation. The app allows you to find and use public transportation in the city you are visiting. Citymapper connects with some ridesharing services, you can also check out subway and train times offline. The app is a very handy app for moving around.

XE Currency

A very stressful part of vacationing is ensuring that whatever you are purchasing in the foreign currency doesn’t bankrupt you back at home. XE currency is a very robust currency converter app, it is constantly updated to provide the latest exchange rates.

Google Translate

There are no more language barriers when travelling with Google translate. The app allows you to translate over 58 languages.


Chipolo is bluetooth tracking app, you can use it to ensure you don’t lose your luggage or wallet.


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